There's something remarkably invigorating about buying something new. Wouldn't you say? As bloggers, we often receive products to review & try, but there's another level of satisfaction when you buy & choose an item yourself. It's carefully curated, hand-picked, & plucked from all the other products in the world.

face products

I've recently been on the hunt for more natural, cruelty-free options to add to my facial regimen. I try to avoid placing harsh nasties onto my skin whenever I can, but it's a work in progress. These are four items I purchased in the last couple weeks. I'm really excited about them! Oh me! Oh my! I can't contain my excitement; let's just get on with it.

palmer's facial milk

The very first thing I bought was the Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Facial Milk Foaming Cleanser. The long-winded name leaves me breathless if I try to say it in its entirety. Now try it three times fast. Never mind, you have better things to do. This foaming cleanser is not tested on animals. Woohoo! I don't really have much experience with foaming cleansers, but this Palmer's product sold me. It leaves my face squeaky clean & the scent is irresistible. I can't precisely place my finger on it, but it kind of reminds me of Jennifer Lopez's Glow by JLo perfume circa 1998.

good things micellar water

I have another long named product for you & it's the Good Things Acai Berry Multi-tasking Micellar Water Cleanse + Soothe. I purchased this micellar water at T.J. Maxx, but I did a little bit of online snooping & this brand is sold at Boots. I'd been hearing about the wonder of the world that is micellar water & I figured I'd give this brand a go. The slight berry scent is delightfully refreshing. I haven't used this too much, so stay tuned for an in-depth review in the future.

alba botanica

CC creams & BB creams are all the rage these days so I took note of it & made the leap. I decided to go with the Alba Botanica Even Advanced CC Cream in fair to light. The color actually looks pretty dark but it blends in effortlessly. I can immediately notice my skin has a more even tone once this is applied. Bonus points for SPF 15 & six-in-one color correction.

plantlife essential oil

I am an essential oil fan. I received some Aura Cacia essential oils last year & fell in love. Check out my review here. This Plantlife 100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil is the newest to my collection.  I adore the smell of rosemary; I enjoy adding it to my foods, but I never considered it as an essential oil. When I spotted this, I immediately purchased it. You can use essential oils for aromatherapy, massages, perfumes, baths, & more. I haven't used it except as a perfume & body oil so we shall see how it goes.

I'll get around to doing a full review for each product in the next few weeks. I want to utilize them for a while before I give you an opinion. Make sure you stay tuned, friends. Meanwhile I will test these out & relish in the joy that comes with buying new products. Here's hoping I don't buy too much more. Eek.

Do you get excited when you buy new products? Are you an essential oil fan like me? Which of these sounds interesting to you? :]

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