I LOVE DISCOUNTS! I'll shout it from the mountain tops; I'll bust your ear yelling in a loudspeaker; I'll scream it to whoever listens. I have always been a bargain shopper, it's just in my blood. As long as I can remember I was automatically attracted to the sale rack. It's like a magnet. I bought this Good Things Multi-Tasking Micellar Water Cleanse + Soothe with blueberry & mango at an outlet store. Was it Marshall's? Ross? TJ Maxx? I'm sorry y'all! I genuinely can't remember, but it's one of those stores that I am in love with. 

The bottle reads that the micellar water is made in the UK; it's free from parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, & animal ingredients. In short, it's pretty much right up my alley which is precisely why I purchased it in the first place. Duh! I also judge books by their cover or in this case products by their packaging. It reeled me in like a fish on a hook. 

micellar water
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The bottle says that it's a light but effective cleanser & can gently dissolve eye makeup. "Aha!" I said to myself. "I'm going to test this out & see if they can live up to the claims." I like when I buy my own items because I can review products at my leisure. I can really get a feel for the item & try out for weeks at a time, whereas if it's a free or sponsored item there's the pressure to deliver a post in a certain amount of time. I took my time with this.

Initially I was really wishy-washy about it. When I first tried it in my new face products post, I wasn't sold on the whole micellar water craze. I had literally read reviews for months about the holy grail, the gift from the gods, the blessing from the heavens that is micellar water. I tried it a couple times & just didn't get it. "This is it? This is what people have been raving about?" I asked myself. After several applications it started to grow on me. But I have to admit I don't use it as a cleanser by itself. It kind of leaves my face feeling a bit sticky & I don't trust it to wholly clean my skin. After applying this I wash my face with my Palmer's Facial Milk Foaming Cleanser to ensure my skin is squeaky clean.

micellar water
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I normally use a cotton round & liberally douse it in the micellar water. Seriously, you could extinguish a fire with how much of that stuff I pour on there. I was super impressed with how easily it removed my eye makeup. For some reason the first few times I tried it it would make my eyes burn but now it doesn't. I believe that's because I've mastered the art of removing eye makeup with micellar water -- gently rub the lashes only. I would purchase this for the sole purpose of being eye makeup remover! 

+ Good for sensitive skin
+ Effectively removes eye makeup & face makeup
+ Affordable
+ Cruelty-free

+ May irritate eyes
+ Sticky

In this post I revealed that I have mild eczema, so I've tried to make the switch to natural products or products geared toward sensitive skin. Overall, I really dig the Good Things micellar water. It's gentle but effective. It's affordable but it works. Like I said, I would repurchase this simply as an eye makeup remover, especially since it's 150 mL or 8.4 ounces. Bargain!

What is your favorite micellar water? Have you ever tried anything from the Good Things range? What do you think? :]

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