Hallelujah! I think I found a holy grail cleanser! That's saying something because I've never found a holy grail anything before. I've mentioned the Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Facial Milk Foaming Cleanser a couple times on my blog -- here & here. It's my current cleanser & one of my favorites. Ever.

palmer's skin success

Does it work?

It truly leaves me squeaky clean & gets all my makeup off. My skin feels refreshed & cleansed without feeling stripped. Bonus points for when my boyfriend uses it because it makes him smell irresistible. When he hugs me goodbye in the morning I just want to sniff his face & hold him a little bit longer. That's never a bad thing.

Can men use it?

Yes! As I mentioned above, my boyfriend uses this Palmer's Eventone Foaming Cleanser too & he loves it. It works equally well for the both of us. It's nice to have something we can both get use out of & it doesn't take up much space in the bathroom. The smell is inviting & my boyfriend hasn't made any complaints. He uses this every morning & night.

Does it help with acne?

Acne sucks! In the last three months I had been suffering from considerably more acne than usual. After making a couple changes -- sanitizing my phone, making sure I wasn't unintentionally touching my face, & utilizing this cleanser for a few weeks -- my acne has subsided & gone back to the usual pimple once in a while. I can't say for sure that the Palmer's cleanser should get the credit, but I do know that the changes I made worked.

palmer's skin success

Where can I buy it?

I purchased this foaming cleanser for a measly $3 at my local Grocery Outlet; yes, that's the actual name of the store. If you don't have a Grocery Outlet near you, you can buy this cleanser on Amazon without ever having to leave your house. Oh the joys of the world wide web. I haven't tried many Palmer's products so it was a defining moment. Plus, it's not tested on animals! Woohoo!

Are there any problems?

The only problem I can foresee is that it may leave your skin feeling dry, especially during autumn & winter. My skin is normally oily so this would rarely be a problem. After cleansing I simply apply my restoring rosehip oil or rehydrating face masque which I would do anyway since it's dry outside. Bingo! It's been working for me.

Would you purchase it again?

Absolutely! Whether it costs $3 at Grocery Outlet or retails at $11 on Amazon I would purchase the Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Facial Milk Foaming Cleanser again. Phewie! I'm out of breath just saying the name. It's so long. HA! It just works so well & effortlessly for me it would kind of be ridiculous to forget about it.

What do you think about this cleanser? Have you tried it? Would you ever buy it? :]

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