Life is full of the unknown. You can never guess what's going to happen or when or even why. There's always something to throw you off balance & keep you on your toes. That's just how life works. This time of year is hectic but festive. It makes the time pass rapidly but there's always a moment to look forward to -- binge watching holiday movies, scraping off ice from your windshield in the brisk early morning, snacking on slightly chewy but still soft gingerbread cookies. I love this time of year; I also love these five things... :]

holiday festivities

Holiday Festivities - There is a cookie bake off at the office. There are giant Christmas trees set up everywhere you go. There's a frigid air in the mornings. It's just a jolly time of year & I love it.  I've always enjoyed this time of year & I'm just glad it's here. I have to soak up every moment while I can.

lip kit by kylie

Lip Kit By Kylie - Just like many other people out there I tried to get on Kylie's website at 9 am -- the launch time. I managed to add one of the lip kits to my cart but then the site wouldn't load. I texted my boyfriend & he magically got an order through! I am thrilled to try out True Brown K. By the swatch from my hand, the color appears dark, rich, & intense. Still have to try it out.


Artichokes - I've eaten artichoke hearts on pizza but never dealt with cooking an entire artichoke before. I was at the supermarket & they were a wonderful deal so I made artichoke for the very first time. I have to admit it wasn't very good. Was it me? Was it the artichoke? I'm not so sure.

unexpected beauty

Unexpected beauty - My car desperately needed a wash so I took it in for a wee bit of cleaning. As it was going through the wash, I spotted this gorgeous rainbow of pastel soap spuds on the ground. It was just so unexpected & beautiful.


Coffee - Since I have to get up early to get to work, hot coffee has been my best friend. It slightly eases the painful dread I get every time the alarm goes off. It gently protects me from the whiplash of the arctic chill of 7 am. Overall, coffee has been getting me through some tough times. Thanks for that, Coffee!

What are you loving right now? :]

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