Why hello there December! I wasn't expecting you so soon. Did you get here early or am I severely behind? Well, either way. Welcome! Sit, sit. How was the journey? I know you won't be here long but I've been expecting you & I'm just glad you're here. Let's enjoy the moment while we can. Sit down. Let's catch up. 

So yeah. That's December for you, always arriving so quickly. Did you check out the 5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ♥ from last time? Here's this week's list:

vintage shopping

Vintage Shopping

During my college days I went thrift shopping at least twice a week. I lived in a college town so the dollar store, discount stores, & thrift stores were right next door. Now that I work it's difficult to put the time in to go through the racks. I went to a thrift store a few days ago & loved how charming, interesting, & unique the items were in comparison to garments you'd find at the mall.

monarch caterpillars

Monarch Caterpillars

I normally don't like anything in the realm of creepy crawlies, but these monarch butterfly caterpillars are just too cute. One day they'll be grown-up beautiful monarch butterflies. I did a little bit of research & these guys have a few more days until they make their chrysalis (which is basically the butterfly version of cocoon).



My darling boyfriend is Mexican-American which means anytime I go to his house his mom is usually cooking up some delightful cuisine. This is a pambazo, a sandwich with bread, potato, carrot, lettuce, cheese, & chorizo. The bread (bolillo) is normally dipped in chili sauce then fried to give it more flavor & texture. My pambazo is actually vegetarian, made with soy chorizo (it's deceptively delicious).

holiday season

Holiday Season

My favorite time of year begins in October & stays until the end of the year. This time of year is just so festive. People decorate their houses & even their cars! They wear their funkiest of sweaters. The temperatures get cooler so it's always time for tea & cuddling. Overall it feels like a happy, more positive time of year.



The last thing I'm loving right now is reflecting on the past, reflecting on myself, & acknowledging the changes that have occurred. We can be so enveloped in the world of technology & social media that we forget who we are, what our essence is. When you strip away  your cell phone & your internet access you're left with yourself. Do you know who you are anymore? Take some time to reflect on it.

What are you loving right now? Do you like anything from this list? :]

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