Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities because it's teeming with life & opportunity. The city is known for its canals, the Red Light District, the abundance of cannabis caf├ęs, its friendly citizens, & so much more. If you have the opportunity to visit the Netherlands & Amsterdam, I would absolutely recommend it. There is so much to do there, so much fun to be had with not enough time to do it.

Whether you've explored this majestic city or not, I have some photos from my journey to share with you. I hope you can enjoy Amsterdam in black & white. These are just a few brief moments I happened to capture on film.

red light district, amsterdam
The Red Light District after a Night Rain

Shadows of the Rijksmuseum

Onlookers at the Rijksmuseum

Vondelpark Wildlife
Vondelpark Wildlife

gay pride parade, amsterdam
Gay Pride Parade Supporters

Take Me to Church

When I close my eyes I can still picture Amsterdam vividly in my brain. I had croquettes every night upon arrival back at the Airbnb. I enjoyed the Rijksmuseum filled with Dutch art & history from the Middle Ages to the present day. I gasped at the plethora of unique works to gander at. I felt an overwhelming wave of emotions at the Anne Frank House -- a must-experience. 

Every time I get home after traveling I feel unexcited to be back to reality, my day-to-day life, work, the same sights to see. I chose to highlight these photographs in black & white to honor the somber feeling of no longer being there. I am no longer in Amsterdam to witness the rainbow of colors at the gay pride parade or the green grass at Vondelpark.

Long live Amsterdam. The city remains on the top of my "must visit again" list. There were so many places to visit, so much to view, new foods to try, canals to walk by, that I really believe I didn't experience it wholly. Amsterdam I'm ready for you. Are you ready for me?

Have you been to Amsterdam? Which photo is your favorite? Do you have any recommendations on what to do there? :]
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