I have many passions in life & food ranks high on the list. One of my favorite things about traveling is trying dishes from around the world. I decided to switch gears a little bit & let you in to a different part of my life: delectable foreign cuisine. I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend at an international market & wanted to share with you some of my purchases. Always explore. Try new things. Stay full. 

international foods

international foods

What it is: Yard Long Beans, Long Green Beans or Chinese Long Beans
Imported from: China

I've actually never tried nor seen these long beans before so I chose to give them a go. They looked like an interesting & unique alternative to your run-of-the-mill green beans, although they were more expensive. They pretty much taste identical to regular green beans, but they are considerably more fun.

international foods

What it is: Gingerbread cookies

Imported from: Moldova (between Romania & Ukraine)

I looooove gingerbread cookies & since it's the festive season of gingerbread men, gingerbread lattes, & basically all things ginger, I opted to get these. They aren't as gingery as I'd like; the flavor is delicate but tasty. These cookies are quite hard & would make a great treat to dunk into your coffee or tea. 

international foods

What it is: Doogh
Imported from: USA (but it's a traditional drink from Iran)

Doogh is an Iranian staple. As a child, I remember going to Persian restaurants with my family & my mom would always order doogh; I hated it back then. Doogh is a carbonated, tart, liquidy yogurt drink. Some varieties add mint. This particular one wasn't carbonated so it didn't have that kick I was looking for. My boyfriend still doesn't like doogh, but considering it took me 20 years to finally enjoy the stuff I think there's hope for him.

international foods

What it is: Halva
Imported from: Lebanon

Halva has multiple spellings (haleweh, helva, halwa, chalva, etc.) & multiple points of origin. This particular one is imported from Lebanon. The packaging describes halva as plain sesame candy. It's basically tahini (sesame seeds), sugar, & vanilla. It's incredibly sweet, has a slightly nutty flavor, & a melt in your mouth texture. It's usually served for breakfast or dessert; you can add it on toasted bread or just eat it by the spoonful, which is what I did as a kid. As an Iranian, I grew up on halva.

international foods

My favorite item from this batch of food from around the world would absolutely be the halva. It tastes great & you can't go wrong with the flavor. Even my boyfriend appreciates it. The yard long beans are great as well since they taste like green beans. They are pricier but worth trying at least once.

Have you tried any of these items before? Which of these looks like something you'd like to try? What's foreign food you love to eat? :]

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