Everyone knows the drama that ensued after Kylie Jenner released her infamous lip kit: everything sold out within 30 seconds of its debut. Now that's pretty gnarly. Like thousands out there, I attempted to access the website exactly at 9 am, even a few minutes earlier.

I managed to add the True Brown K lip kit to my cart but that was about it. The website crashed & so did my hopes & dreams. Well, not really but you get the drift. I called my boyfriend to see if he had better luck of accessing the site. He did. He was able to purchase True Brown K for me. What a sweetie, no? You can read his blog here.

true brown k, lip kit by kylie


The price of the kit itself is quite acceptable. The matte liquid lipstick & lip liner set retails at $29, but when you add in shipping, handling, & tax you have a ridiculous price of nearly $40. Pure insanity when you're thinking it's $29. I was absolutely not interested in the other colors from her line, Candy K & Dolce K; I figured it was better to save myself $60 (the price of the two additional kits) & just pay the shipping for one lip kit.

true brown k, lip kit by kylie


True Brown K is a gorgeous, rich, dark brown. This particular hue is not for everyone but it suits me for sure. It's deep & moody & definitely makes me feel some type of way. "Bold. Confident. Earthy." That's how my boyfriend describes the shade. The swatch in person rings true to what it looks like online. No surprises there.

true brown k, lip kit by kylie


During my first experience,  I added the lip liner & the matte lipstick. So pretty, but within half an hour it started to get chunky & patchy & I wiped it off entirely. I consider this part of the learning curve because when I applied it all again, it lasted for hours. True Brown K stayed on after some drinking water, eating french fries, & some kissing. Yes, for the sake of journalism I made out with my boyfriend to really test out how long the lipstick stayed.

true brown k, lip kit by kylie

True Brown K from Lip Kit By Kylie is a stunning color with a good formula. I recommend testing it out a couple times to see how the formula works on your lips. I've gotten some great compliments about the color.

true brown k, lip kit by kylie

What do you think? Which color would you choose? Do you think the hype is worth it? :]

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