How is your social media game? Are you confident about your blog, brand, & business strategy? If you feel like you need some help, I rounded up my series of social media tips & tricks (so far). There is more to come! For right now, don't be afraid to ask questions. This post is open for quick questions & answers. If anything requires more information, I can always create a post about it! :]

social media basics for bloggers

Let's get back to basics! Sometimes the essentials are the hardest to grasp. This post is starting guide with quick tips for social media. These are the basics. Like the bare bones of social media. We are going to start simple. In fact, these are things I learned the hard way, after much work. Don't be me. Learn now.

social media basics, losing followers

Blogging isn't easy, but there may be some obvious reasons why you're losing readers & followers. Take a little looksee at these these 10 reasons why you're losing followers on your blog & social media platforms. You can identify whatever applies to you & make the necessary changes. Your readers will thank you.

blog comments

One of the most wonderful parts of blogging is the ability to communicate with like-minded people to create a sense of community. Leaving comments is a fantastic way to stay engaged with readers & other bloggers. As a social media coordinator, I've seen some genuine comments & I've seen some generic sludge. Read these do's & dont's of leaving blog comments to enhance your communication skills.

facebook boost post

Facebook is one of the social media sites almost everyone is on. Your grandmother uses Facebook, your cousin uses Facebook, & even your boss uses Facebook. Facebook is a fantastic way to garner more exposure & engagement for your brand, business, & blog. Use this guide on how to run a Facebook boost post to get a wider reach. You can boost links, photos, & even your status! 

social media basics, spam comments

Receiving a blog comment is like receiving a little gift. For bloggers, comments are heartwarming because it shows people read your blog & have something to say about it. However, there may be spam comments lurking in there which negatively affects your blog ranking. This post focuses on how to identify spam comments & why you shouldn't publish them on your blog.

social media basics

It's vital to be transparent, open, & honest when it comes to blogging to ensure your readers trust you enough to come back. In the U.S., it's required by law to disclose if a post is sponsored or if you receive money or free items in exchange for posting. Read more about why you need to be transparent when blogging.

social media basics

Balancing social media & blogging can be difficult. Add styling an outfit, doing a photo shoot, choosing & editing photos, on top of writing the post itself & you're in for quite a task. Consider these social media basics on what not to do when it comes to fashion blogging. Some of these are extremely easy fixes.

Here's hoping that 2016 is happy & successful for all of us! Prior to going into the new year take a look at these social media tips & tricks to ensure you're blogging effectively. Maximize your reach, your skills, & your social media game with these refresher courses. What are your social media goals for 2016? Did you find any of these social media basics useful? :]

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