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72 Thoughts I Had During The X-Files Revival Premiere

If you've been following my blog in the last few months, you'll know that my boyfriend & I have been blasting through The X-Files on Netflix. We watched episode after episode, then watched the movie(s) then did a little bit of Google research in preparation for this day. Tonight is the night of The X-Files reboot premiere! I am excited! If you don't want any spoilers don't read any further. This is chock full of tasty spoilers. Once again: don't read any further if you haven't watched the premiere!! Okay here we goooo....

joel mchale, kaaboo del mar
I took this photo of Joel McHale at KAABOO Del Mar, not knowing he was about to be a part of history in The X-Files reboot.

1. It's 7:06 pm!! How come The X-Files isn't on yet?
2. Okay, now it's 7:11. Thanks football.
3. I guess I'll just look up #TheXFiles on Twitter.
4. Good thing I didn't make any plans tonight.
5. Oh my gosh! Now there's a timer in the bottom left corner; it says one minute & nine seconds until the premiere.
6. Oh my god it's here!!!!!
7. Yay Mulder!
8. Ew Fluke Man!
9. Haha the 21st-century special effects.
10. "Are we being lied to?"
11. Aw the intro credits.
13. Joel McHale is an interesting casting choice.
14. Oh whoa a space ship.
15. Scully!!!
16. Oh she has a phone call...
17. Ah shoot! Is Skinner still assistant director after all these years?
18. OMG Obama is in The X-Files.
19. What do you mean you barely reach Mulder now, Scully?
20. Haha Joel McHale.
21. Gillian Anderson has like no wrinkles.
22. The old team is reunited at at last.
23 Mulder hitched a ride with Uber?? Pop culture everywhere.
24 "I only want to believe."
25. Who is Kelly  Cahill?
26. Oh.
27. Scully's hair isn't as red as it used to be.
28. Ew what are those?
29. Scoop mark scars?
30. Back to the flashback.
31. OMG an alien.
32. Oh no they killed him!
33. You'd think Scully would believe more by now.
34. Endogenous depression killed Mulder & Scully's relationship apparently.
35. Oh dang that spacecraft turned invisible.
36. Gravity warp drive.
37. Aw the poor little alien.
38. Why is Scully bloody?
39. Are they implying that Navajo Native Americans are aliens?
40. "Sveta, who took your babies?"
41. Scully is still rocking her cross necklace.
42. Mitch Pileggi!
43. Oh no don't take it out on the poster, Mulder!!
44. Wow! Mulder's pencils are still stuck in the ceiling.
45. Is Joel McHale trying to get with Scully?
46. Ok so Joel McHale's character's name is Tad O'Malley.
47. Scully's expecting — no hoping — for a call from Mulder.
48. "Men against humanity." Sounds about right.
49. Your headlights are still on Scully.
50. "Friend & physician" but not lover!!??  
51. Why is Sveta there?
52. Scully's headlights are off now.
53. Maybe I have an old car because my car does not do that.
54. Get out of here Tad!
55. Dang slow down Tad.
56. Forgot Sveta was there.
57. The Scully eye roll is back.
58. Well if the tests came back positive for alien DNA that would be too easy wouldn't it?
59. The test results came back in!
60. They're going to try & blow up the spaceship.
61. Oh no they blew it up.
62. Finder Spyder is the name of the search engine. Haha.
64. "We need to protect Sveta?" Tell me more.
65. What ARE you saying, Scully?
66. "We've got to stop the sons of bitches," she says.
67. Poor Sveta.
68. Dang she got blown up.
69. Cigarette smoking man is back.
70. They've reopened the X-Files?!?!
71. Oh my god that's the end. The show's over. How dare they?
72. Now I just have to wait until tomorrow for part two.

The first X-Files reboot episode was a bit of a whirlwind. I'm a slightly confused & will probably browse social media to see what people are saying. Until then, it's important just to watch the series as it goes & see how things play out. I was too young to enjoy X-Files when it first came around so I'm excited to be a part of it's revamp. The new X-Files generation! Only five more episodes to go.

I want to believe.

Did you think of the first episode? Have you seen The X-Files? :]

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  1. Oh man, as a (secret) fangirl I totally understand your thoughts here. I have never seen The X-Files but I have a lot of friends who love that show. I mostly read this post because of Joel McHale in the picture. I love(d) him as Jeff in community. Now that he´s in The X-Files, I might have to watch an episode just to see if I like it.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. I love, love, love The X-Files. So good. Just chip away at it on Netflix. :]

  2. My brother and I were so excited for this that we were cursing out the TV every time football delayed the premiere. I have fond memories as a little kid sneaking around watching episodes here and there of the original series so I am beyond excited to get to see new episodes as an adult! And you are right! Joel McHale is an interesting choice and I am excited to see more of him.


    1. Yay another fan! How did you like the first & second episodes?

  3. I was never a huge fan of the X-Files. I remember when I was a teenager it was huge maybe I need to see it now as an adult. I might understand things better.

    1. I only recently got into it, but you have to watch several episodes to get a feel for it. Try it out. :]

  4. Your list made me laugh so hard! Love it! I used to watch the X files religiously. :) Wonderful post!


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