Instagram is such a pretty social media outlet. It's one that truly inspires me, gets my wanderlust bubbling, & let's me see just how beautiful the earth can be. It's been a goal of mine to up date my Instagram every day & that is a journey itself. Sometimes it's fun just to look back on my life according to Instagram.

As with any other social media outlet, you have to realize that Instagram is not fully representative of a person's life. Every photo is handpicked, cropped, edited, & curated to create the perfect Instagram feed. I know how it works because Instagram is my job. Facebook is my job. Twitter is my job. Social media is my job. 

If you're sitting at home wishing you were that person eating a really fancy pastry with an expensive cup of cold brew coffee in the middle of Paris, don't worry you can be. After all, you can create a gorgeous photo with a pastry from the grocery store, instant coffee in a cute mug, & a nice outdoor setting. Just remember not to compare yourself when it comes to social media because it's not 100% authentic. 

instagram collage

For example, the photo of me & my quadruplets took about 20 shots. It was New Year's Eve & I had gotten dolled up. My hair was looking stupid. My double chin was acting up. I felt a bit discouraged. Finally I got a decent photo & decided to edit the hell out of it. That's the result. Now it's on Instagram.

The photo of the Jo Malone perfume is not from my personal collection. In fact I've never owned a Jo Malone perfume in my life, despite my constant hoping. I was actually in a Jo Malone shop in Paris & decided to take advantage of the remarkable beauty there. The store was basking in sunlight. The white flowers freshened up the place. I took some pictures. Now it's on Instagram.

My pretty Christmas cookie & espresso photo took so long that the chocolate started to melt as the espresso began to cool down. But don't fret I took about 15 photos, carefully placed the cookie, & the photo was created. Now it's on Instagram.

I love Instagram. It is a wonderful place for inspiration, like-minded people, & just exploring what's out there. Just remember that every photo is carefully curated. If you want some insight into a person's real life follow them on Snapchat. Those photos & videos are instant & a bit less contrived. What I'm trying to say is this: don't take social media so seriously & literally. Just enjoy it for what it is. 

Do you like Instagram? Do you have any favorite users? What is your favorite social media outlet? :]

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