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5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ♥

One of my most favorite things in life is the excitement of looking forward to something in the not so distant future. Whether it's a mini staycation or a night out with friends, the thrill of counting down to an event makes me giddy. It's a small thing, but it produces a noticeably positive difference in my life. Right now I'm looking forward to Coachella in April; the preparations have already begun & I can't wait! Until that blissful moment of packing up the car & heading to Indio, California, I must remain focused on the present. Here's what I'm loving right now:

cinnamon pull apart muffin

Cinnamon Pull Apart Muffin 

I purchased some organic biscuits at an irresistible price. I normally never buy them but couldn't resist. I figured I could integrate them into my repertoire to create a new dish. I hopped around, slightly followed a recipe while simultaneously creating my own concoction. The cinnamon pull apart muffins were a success & my boyfriend gobbled them up in record time.

valentine's day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day comes & goes as does everything in life. I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We're not very big on holidays so it was just a nice little token of love. I sincerely appreciated it & always love fresh flowers. Thanks babe!

undaria algae oil

Undaria Algae Oil* 

I briefly spoke about the Undaria Algae Oil from OSEA in my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her & I'm still digging it. This oil is so rich & luxurious. I feel like a queen when I slather it on after a shower. It smells divine & works miraculously, especially if you're having issues with dry skin.

carlsbad california

Carlsbad, CA

I spend most of my days in Carlsbad & I have no regrets about this. It is genuinely one of my favorite cities in the world because it has everything Southern California & San Diego has to offer without the unnecessary crowds. Blue skies, the Pacific ocean nearby, warm weather, delicious food, fantastic shops,  & good vibes. Paradise found.

california lifestyle blogger

Nana's Hand Me Downs

My Nana passed away about two years ago. Not only did I inherit her car but also a good deal of her clothes & accessories. This shiny purse is just one of the many items from my grandmother's collection. I love its sleek, Art Deco look. It seems retro but also could be modern.

What are you loving right now? :]

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  1. Such a cute post :) Thanks for sharing.. the oil looks amazing :) xx


  2. Ahhh, I wish I could go to Coachella! I can't wait to see your posts on the festival! I absolutely love hand-me-downs -- especially if they're from family members who are/were stylish back in the day.


  3. Soo jealous that you're going to coachella!! Those cinnamon muffins look amazing, I need to find some similar! I'm loving house plants at the moment!


  4. Oh my goodness. Those cinnamon buns look amazing! Sounds like a pretty good February (except for the passing of your grandmother, my condolences.) That purse is gorgeous, it seems like she had some great style :)
    I can't wait to hear more about your experience at Coachella... after April rolls around lol!


  5. COACHELLA <3333 Have fun there. I have been wishing to go there for a long time now. Hope to make it to the festival someday. Wink.
    These muffin look SO tasty. Too good to be real. No wonder they were a success.

    Noor | Noor's Place

  6. the muffins look delicious and your grandma's bag is beautiful ! perfect for a day or a night outfit


  7. Ahhh, those muffins look delicious!

    Corinne x

  8. The pull apart muffins look great! I am always in the mood for baking so I might try make some :)

    Kathy xx

  9. These are all absolutely fantastic things to be in love with right now! That bag from your nana is just wonderful!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  10. It'd take up my whole year's travel budget but I'm determined to go to Coachella at some point, I'm so envious you get to go! The muffins look delicious by the way :) x

    Viva Epernay

  11. You Nana had some amazing taste in fashion if this purse was hers. If I was to inherit any fashion items from my grandmothers I could never wear them. Also those muffins look amazing. My mouth is watering just from looking at them. yum!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  12. Those pull apart muffins are looking delicious!

    Mary Kate

  13. The muffins in the first picture look amazing! I haven't spent too much time in Carlsbad, but it sounds like a great destination.


  14. Aaah, those muffins are screaming at me haha ♥


  15. Oh my gosh, the cinnamon pull-apart muffins look utterly delicious - I could eat all of those right now!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  16. Well now I'm going to have to clear the calendar and find a way to get to Carlsbad. I haven't been there in 6 years!

  17. What I'm loving right now is your cinnamon pull apart muffin goodness. Craving one now and hopefully the dozen of muffins I'm having later doesn't give me muffin top :)

    Happy Monday Carmen.

    Real Life Nerd

  18. Your nana has got such beautiful clothes and accessories if I can tell from the purse. It looks wonderful. And the cinnamon muffin looks absolutely delish! I just wanna go om nom nom

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  19. While I'm at the festival I'm not usually shooting but I will do my best. :]

  20. House plants are awesome. I agree with you on that one. :]

  21. She passed away two years ago but her clothes keep her memory close. :]

  22. They were absolutely a surprising success & I learned how to make icing. :]

  23. They were amazing. Just add some cinnamon, sugar, & butter! :]

  24. Thank you. She was a stylish lady. :]

  25. I'm pretty frugal year-round so I like to splurge with a festival once in a while. :]

  26. I don't know if my Nana wass stylish or if I just like her sense of style. Either way I've been wearing a lot of her stuff. :]

  27. Come to Carlsbad immediately. You won't regret it. :]

  28. Hopefully they're screaming good things. :]

  29. I hate to admit it but my boyfriend & I ate at least fout the minute they got out of the oven. >.<

  30. Come for a visit. It's beautiful pretty much every day of the year. :]

  31. It may contribute to muffin top but it is worth it in taste. :]

  32. Cinnamon muffins and that hand me down purse! Love!!


  33. Love this post! Interesting to read! Keep it up!


  34. C (The Life Of C and H )February 29, 2016 at 5:14 AM

    Those cinnamon pull apart muffins look amazing!! -C


  35. First, I am so jealous (white jealousy!) that you will be going to Coachella! I wish, I could :/ And second, those muffins look so good! I wouldn't mind having one right now, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  36. The cinnamon muffins look amazing! And I love the purse from your Nana. That is so sweet that she left you those things. I love items that have such memories attached.

  37. Those cinnamon pull apart muffins!!! Recipe please!


  38. I'm obsessed with facial oils right now, I've never tried algae oil before though!

    my skincare & beauty experiment blog U+1F601

  39. Coachella is so close to me, might as well take a trip. :]

  40. My car was from my Nana & it sometimes smells like her perfume. :]

  41. I actually haven't tried it on my face! :]

  42. I love hand me downs - there's always some beautiful things that crop up :) and that cinnamon pull apart muffin looks divine!

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  43. Thanks for sharing!! :)


  44. My Grandmother had a similar bag in a pearl color that I wear at "fancy" events like weddings! Love it!



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