Jeez Louise it's Februrary. The first month of 2016 has officially flown away like a juvenile bird leaving the nest. Goodbye January! I'd say I'm having a hard time believing it but, I always say that so I should just move on. This year I'd like to begin a new series summarizing my month in A - Z format. Let's go over the A, B, Cs.

affogato, skybound coffee

Affogato - Oh my word! This thing is delicious. An affogato is a coffee-based dessert made with piping hot espresso poured over some nice, cold gelato. The dessert is extraordinarily rich & every human being should try it at least once in their lifetime.

Beanies - I am all about that beanie life. I have a large collection considering it's not usually too cold here in San Diego. But I don't care about practicality. I seem to buy a new one every fall/winter season. Definitely a winter must have.

Celebrating the new year with friends - It was such a pleasure to have a handful of my closest friends with me to ring in the new year. Long gone are those days of desiring a grand & glamorous celebration for New Year's Eve. All I need are my friends & some snacks & I'm all set.

Dry January - For the entire month of January, I had not one drop of alcohol. The first couple weeks were harder because I normally like to kick back & enjoy a couple beers on the weekend. After the second weekend went by I focused on doing different things with my weekend that didn't involve alcohol. Stay tuned for a full post on this experience.

Emails - As a blogger, I always get such a kick out of checking my email. Most of the time there's something really nice & juicy in there. It's basically a little gift waiting to be read. January has been very fruitful in its collaborative emails.

california lifestyle blogger

Fred - On January 16, my boyfriend & I celebrated our three-year anniversary. I seriously can't believe how fast the time has gone. 

Gilmore Girls -  Fred & I are doing our best to blast through Gilmore Girls.  I remember watching the series as a pre-teen & teenager,  so it brings me memories of an interesting time in my life. The dialogue is witty, quick, & still extremely relatable. I think Rory was my inspiration to study journalism!

Hair extensions - I like to pretend I'm a glamorous celebrity when I put in my hair extensions. It's a simple way to revolutionize your entire look. I seriously feel like a different person. Crazy how hair has such an effect.

california lifestyle blogger

Instagram - I've been in love with Instagram this month. Despite being a social media professional, I lagged at updating it every day. In January, I added a couple new photos each day & it's working out well.

Job - I started a new job in December & finally got in the groove of things this month. I still have a lot to learn about hotels & timeshares; the more I know, the more I can tailor it to my social media strategy.

Knowledge - As I juuuust mentioned, I've been learning a lot, you guys. That's good for you too since it adds to my Social Media Basics series.

Lip liner - Lip liner just pumps me up. It's a surefire way to feel like I'm fully dolled up & ready to take on any challenge. Most of the time I use lip liner by itself.

Making a Murder - I talked about this captivating show on 5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ♥ & I'm mentioning it again because it's really that good. Just go ahead & watch it this weekend if you haven't already.

california lifestyle blogger

Necklaces - If you read my latest outfit of the day post, Golden Hour, you'd know that I'm digging this necklace. It's chic & it goes with almost anything. It has a cool iridescent quality to it too.

Okra chips - Yooo. Okra chips are so good. They're super crispy & pretty much hollow inside minus the seeds. It's an intriguing texture & flavor, but I suggest trying it. I didn't grow up on okra so it's something I'm still getting acquainted with.

Packages - "Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things." ♪♫♬ Yes, I'm getting all The Sound of Music-y on you. Like emails, packages are so exciting!

Quotes - Sometimes a person of the past said something so eloquently that you can't help but quote them regularly. Quote are perfect for inspiration, reference, & just about anything really.

Retype - This app is awesome. It's an easy way to integrate text onto your photos. It's ideal for Instagram, blogs, & whatever you feel like using it for.

Sunsets - I actually didn't know I was that into sunsets until I looked back on my photos from the month. I captured a sunset at least two or three times each week, so I'd have to say that makes me a fan.

earl grey tea

Tea, tea, tea - I've been drinking a lot of tea recently. My go-to is Earl Grey with lavender. It's a harmonious mixture of two of my favorite things. Nature is great & whoever thought to  combine lavender & Earl Grey tea together is a genius in my eyes.

Unabashed - I work every day at not being embarrassed when taking outfit photos. It's still a work in progress, but I'm getting less self-conscious. 

Vinebox - Subscription boxes are super trendy & why not try something different? I love the idea of a wine subscription box that comes right to your doorstep.

southern california sunset

Winter - Since I get up early in the mornings, it's quite frigid outside. Sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes it's misty, sometimes it's rainy, sometimes it's icy. By the time 9 am rolls around, the winter feel is usually gone. Being an early bird gives me the opportunity to actually wear some layers.

The X-Files - Yessss! Fred & I finished the entire X-Files series & its subsequent movies just in time for The X-Files revival. The six-episode mini-series is perfect for all sci-fi fans out there. I'm excited to see how it goes.

Youth - Every day we get older, so we aren't as young as we were the minute before. I love looking back on where I've been & where I'm going.

Zzzz - There's much to do & never enough hours in the day. I'm a human being who relishes on eight hours of sleep per night & it's been difficult to catch up on those ZzzZZzz's. Can we add more time to the clock or something?

My questions to you:
Do you spell it 'jeez,' 'geez,' or some other version?
How was your January in 5 letters? For example, A, C, L, O, S. :]

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