"Hello. It's Empties. I was wondering if after all these months you're done using me." Yes. Yes, I am. Finally. At long last, I am done using you & you're officially part of the empties crew. Congratulations. You did it! Now everyone in the world can read about it. Don't forget to read up on my last empties post Product Empties: Face, Hair, & Body!

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St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub - This is a face scrub I repurchase often because it's affordable & it works. It's straight to the point. The scrub is oil free, contains 2% salicylic acid, & is made of 100% natural exfoliants. The apricot scrub leaves my skin feeling refreshed but not overly exfoliated. I might want to try a different brand for my next facial scrub, just to think outside the box.

Aura Cacia Organic Rosehip Oil* - I used this organic rosehip oil with vitamin E nearly every morning & night after washing my face. It left my skin hydrated but not excessively oily. I wasn't a big fan of the smell, so I ended up adding about 10 drops of Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil to enhance the fragrance. The rosehip oil worked well & it's something I would consider purchasing. Read a little bit more about my Aura Cacia review.

california beauty blogger

Crystal Essence Roll-On Deodorant* -  I really like the idea of a roll-on deodorant because it's an easy process. However, after finishing an entire deodorant, I can safely say Crystal's roll-on version wasn't the most efficient. I felt the roll-on didn't protect me from odors; it also went on relatively wet, making me feel a bit sticky. The Chamomile & Green Tea scent smelled positively lovely, but I'd be inclined to try a different all natural deodorant brand to see if it worked better. Find out more in my Crystal Deodorant review.

Aroma Naturals Lavender Passion Flower Castile Soap* - If you know me at all, you know I adore lavender & the Aroma Naturals 4-in-one castile soap didn't let me down. This little guy comes in a handy 2 oz. bottle, perfect for travel or the shower. I have no complaints about this, I do admit I only used it as a shower gel. Apparently you can utilize it as a shampoo, hand wash, or a shave soap. Check out the other castile soaps Aroma Naturals sent me.

california beauty blogger

Primal Organics Banished™ Face Toner* - To be honest, I didn't like the smell of this initially. It took some warming up to, but I eventually began spritzing it on my face every day after cleansing my face & before moisturizing. The retail price is $44 so consider it an investment. I can't say for sure if it did anything for my skin so I doubt I would buy this myself. Find out more in my Primal Life Organics Paleo Skincare Review.

Tom's of Maine Spearmint Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste - I always called this brand "Tom's" like the shoes, but didn't realize the full name is Tom's of Maine. You learn something new every day. This empty product is actually my second Tom's of Maine toothpaste & I've already purchased a third one.  I try a different flavor or function each time & I dig it. This is my current favorite toothpaste brand. The ingredients are natural & I like that they share what ingredients are used & what the purpose is.

It's nice to look back & recognize what has been thoroughly used. It's a great way to hold yourself accountable & not get any new items until you finish what's in your possession already. What was your latest empty? Would you be down to try any of these products? :]

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