No need to scramble around frantically in search of special Valentine's Day gifts this year. With this super thorough Valentine's Day gift guide for women, you'll be able to score the lady in your life something as special as her. I've got such a range here for you, there has got to be something she'll adore. Look no further for gift ideas for your mom, your sister, your wife, or any woman out there.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for her

Purchasing presents can be quite a laborious task, especially when you don't quite know someone's style or personal preference. There are so many options out there; we have the world at our fingertips. But don't fret, I have plenty of Valentine's Day gift ideas to get her. You won't have to search in vain, the list is right here with everything you'll ever need. Use this Valentine's Day to show her that you care about her well-being, her health, & her lifestyle. Let's get to the point, shall we?

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for her

Handcrafted Perfume* - You really can't go wrong with perfume. If you're not 100% sure what scents the women in your life lean toward, create a sample pack from Possets Perfume. Fabienne hand blends all the perfumes from scratch, so you're getting something that's made with love to give to your loved one. I recommend the High Tea Perfume Oil because it seriously smells like a comforting cup of Lipton tea.

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for her

Wine Subscription Box* - VINEBOX is basically a wine by the glass club. Each month you receive three curated 10 cl/100ml pours delivered right to your doorstep. Talk about convenience. The glass vials are incredibly chic, & I have to think of a way to reuse them. If you find a wine you very much adore, you can buy another glass or a full bottle on the website. VINEBOX is the idea Valentine's Day thrill for any girl who enjoys wine. Please note: you have to be at least 21 years old to have a membership.

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for Women, underwear subscription box, skivvie nix

Underwear Subscription Box* - This is a romantic gift that keeps on giving. Sexy undies are a wonderful gift to give on Valentine's Day because both the giver & receiver can get a little happiness out of it! Get your lovebug some Skivvie NIX, an underwear subscription box where you receive two pairs of underwear each month. I chose to go with the Tenderloin plan, which gives you one thong & one cheeky undies. Digging it! You can choose this as a one-off gift or keep the subscription coming.

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for Women, vegetarian jerky

Vegetarian Jerky* - Jerky may sound like the antithesis of a thoughtful or romantic gift, but it's not. As a vegetarian, my options can be limited. Honestly, if my boyfriend got me a hearty snack like Vegan Dream Vegetarian Jerky, it would show me that he cares, & he thought about me & my diet. I'd be pretty psyched. Vegan Dream is flavorful & packed with protein, making it an ideal gift idea for the health-conscious, snack-loving woman. Although it comes in four flavors, my favorite is the Hickory Pepper. Classic!

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for Women, bath salts

Bath Salts* - There's something so romantic & peaceful about a bath, even if it's alone. Give the gift of joy & relaxation with some handcrafted Grasse Roots Perfumery bath salts. Made with genuine Dead Sea salt & Himalayan salt, the Bath Salts Sample Trio comes with Vitality, Bathing Beauty, & Conifer scents. The texture is intriguing & the smell is powerful. This is the perfect gift for a woman who deserves a bit of pampering.

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for Women, facial mask

Facial Mask* - There's something so soothing & fulfilling about utilizing a face mask because it feels like you just came from the spa. This is a gift of happiness. The Jade Lilly facial mask with papaya & pineapple is unique because you add water to create the face mask paste. It'll leave you feeling refreshed, cleansed, & excited to use it again. Leave the mask to dry on while you're relaxing in the bath.

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for Women, undaria algae oil

Undaria Algae Oil* - This delightful marine-based body oil is rich in organic botanical oils, sea minerals, & antioxidants. The oil smells like heaven & leaves your skin intensely hydrated. OSEA is cruelty-free & vegan & they have plenty of other items to choose from. I'm seriously loving everything about this oil right now. It feels so rich & decadent, like I'm being slathered in a glowing cloud of joy.

 Valentine's Day Gift Guide Idea for Women, glamour doll makeup

Valentine's Day Makeup Gift Set* - First of all, the packaging is too cute to ignore. Glamour Dolls Makeup is a cruelty-free & extremely affordable brand; this adorable gift set is only $5!! The set comes with Ballerina's Revenge eyeshadow & Mood Ring lip gloss — both of which I've been using religiously. This is the quintessential Valentine's Day gift for all beauty-loving ladies.

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Hopefully this Valentine's Day gift guide for her will make your shopping experience that much more fluid. There's something for everyone: the wine connoisseur, the beauty guru, the health nut, the edgy girl. Mix & match these gifts to create a complete gift set tailored to your lovebug. Show her you care & remember to say "I love you!"

Which of these Valentine's Day gifts for women looks the best to you? :]

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