Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching & that leaves the world questioning what gifts to get for the men in their lives. Men claim to be easy to shop for, but are they really? Follow along with my Valentine's Day gift guide for men for five foolproof presents to get the men in your life. Giftgiving just got easier.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men

What do men want? Do they desire something fancy? What about something practical & functional that they can use every day? These are the questions that will leave your world spinning, grasping for answers. To assist in this endeavor, I've consulted with my boyfriend of three years, Fred, for some go to Valentine's day gift ideas for men. Here we go...

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men, buddha teas

Saffron Green Tea* - The flavorful combination of saffron with green tea makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift any tea lover. Being Persian I grew up on saffron so tasting it in a cup of piping hot tea gave me a refreshing wave of nostalgia. My boyfriend, however, is not a saffron aficionado & he very much enjoyed it. The pure, natural, chemical-free Saffron Green Tea from Buddha Teas is a unique gift for a unique guy. 

My boyfriend says: "This tea is packed with flavor. I've never tried saffron before & now I have another tea to rotate during my morning breakfast routine."

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men, dr. squatch shave kit

Shave Kit* -  I mentioned Dr. Squatch in my Christmas gift guide for men because their soaps are seriously amazing. For Valentine's Day, give your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, male friend a nice shave kit. The Dr. Squatch version comes with a clay mint shave bar, synthetic shave brush, & a really cool copper shave mug. Is it bad that I want to steal the mug from my boyfriend & just use it for a Moscow Mule?!

My boyfriend says: "I enjoyed the new experience of applying shaving cream using a soft bristle brush. The shave bar smelled great & lathered well. Overall, my shaving experience was improved, which I never thought could happen."

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men, ocean cleansing mudd

Ocean Cleansing Mudd* - Men enjoy skincare too. After all, the face is an important part of the body. With hints of tea tree & peppermint oil, the OSEA Ocean Cleansing Mudd has a nice kick to it. The mudd cleanses pores & controls oil. The packaging is simple & classic. It's an interesting & unique concept that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated & tingling.

My boyfriend says: "The mudd actually feels like it cleans & refreshes my skin. It's the most invigorating facial cleanser I've ever tried. The packaging looks really cool too."

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men, awesome socks

Awesome Socks*-  For the fashion forward man, consider a rad sock subscription. Sockwork donates a percentage of its proceeds to veteran-oriented charities. Choose the type of socks, customize your order, then get your socks. Do your good deed of the day & get him some socks with a purpose. They'll jazz up any outfit! My boyfriend wore these dark blue ones with black jeans & black Vans.

My boyfriend says: "The socks were soft & comfortable; my only two requirements for a great sock. I like the different designs since they add personality to an article of clothing that normally isn't the star of the show."

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men, cheesy puffs

Serious Cheesy Puffs* - Oh my word, y'all! These handcrafted baked corn puff snacks from Fuller Foods are intensely good. You can choose between three flavors: Sriracha Cheddar,  Blue Cheese Jalapeño, & Asiago Black Pepper. They are shockingly spicy, so make sure you have some water & tissues on hand.

My boyfriend says: "I was surprised when I first saw the absurdly large puffs, but on my first bite, the size didn't matter. I really liked that each flavor featured a different type of cheese & spice. The Blue Cheese Jalapeño was my favorite because it was the perfect mix of cheese & heat."

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men, cheesy puffs

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Men

Men are wonderful creatures. Your dad, your fiancé or husband, your brother, your really cool coworker, all deserve a bit of recognition. This Valentine's Day gift guide for men is filled with presents to suit a variety of personalities. Now go out there & conquer those gifts. Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away!

Which of these Valentine's Day gifts for men looks the best to you? :]

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