Aging advances with a myriad of emotions. We look back on the past as if it's a different person, a former version of our present selves. With age comes experience & personal growth, the appearance of aeonian knowledge. The things we witness & the lessons we learn, assist us in blossoming into who we are meant to become. However, in order to earn your theoretical Doctorate in Life, you have to get a few grey hairs along the way.

5 Reasons I Love My Grey Hair, california lifestyle blogger

Ah yes, the grey hair. My first grey hair (hairs, actually) came conveniently after I graduated from university. I had quit my job at a little bakery in Orange County, moved back home, & felt like I had nothing going for me. I had no magical job lined up & I was so ashamed with myself about moving back home. I was stressed & frazzled & it showed. After a couple months living at home, I noticed three grey hairs pompously sprouted out at my part line.

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grey hair, california lifestyle blogger

I was shocked, horrified, utterly bewildered. I was only 22 years old after all. Why was I getting smacked in the face with grey hair? As the years have gone by I haven't gotten any more grey hair — not yet anyway — but I've come to find them endearing.

1. They give me natural highlights when the sun hits my hair.
2. They are battle scars of lessons learned & mistakes made.
3. Grey hair is easy to cover up & a reason to try various dye colors or hats.
4. I'm not the only one; other human beings & mammals have it too.
5. It's a natural occurrence.

grey hair, california lifestyle blogger

Do you see that slight glimmer, that tiny thread of iridescence, that ashen, colorless, ghastly piece of keratinous filament growing out of my scalp? The wiry, defiant grey hair gets a bad rap, but it shouldn't. Consider it a badge of honor. It's a shout out to the world saying "HEY! I have lived a hearty life & I have learned a lot." That's what I'm going to think anyway.

Do you have grey hair?  How do you feel about them?

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