Hooray & happy Friday everybody! Although Saturday is my favorite day of the week, there's something so satisfactory about Fridays. It's the end of something stressful & the beginning of something exciting — the opportunity to sleep in or run all the errands you've been wanting to complete. Unless you work weekends of course. That's another story. Aside from weekends, here's what I'm loving right now:

san juan capistrano

San Juan Capistrano

If you recall, I went on a short trip to San Clemente last week & during the vacation, we took a brief trip to San Juan Capistrano. By brief, I mean literally one hour. We checked out the Mission San Juan Capistrano gift shop & that's about it, but it's beautiful.

farmer's market

Farmer's Market

I don't head to farmer's market as often as I would like or as often as I should, for that matter. I did a bit of research & there are several markets in a short vicinity from me, so no more excuses! Anyhoo, I bought some mouthwateringly delicious garlic rosemary bread, cranberry orange loaf, & some dried fruit. Don't mind if I do.

st. patrick's day

St. Patrick's Day

This is the second year in a row I spent St. Patrick's Day out with my girlfriend. Apparently it's a tradition now. We went to Aztec Brewery in Vista & grabbed a flight of tasters. Absolutely no green beer for us. We did have some green jellybeans & had fun trying to guess the flavors. Our favorite? Pear.


This Sign

Let's be real. There's no way I could resist this sign. I'm a huge fan of cartoons & cute characters, so it's no surprise that this one caught my eye. Tequila isn't for me but this sign is. I hope you get a little bit of joy from it too.

spring blooms

Spring Blooms

Can you believe that spring is here? It's definitely one of my favorite times of the year. The beautiful & prevalent blooms are simply irresistible. I've been noticing them everywhere — on the side of the highway, during a hike, & even in the parking lot when I went to get an oil change.

What are you loving right now? Anything from my list? :]

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