Hello iPhone Charger,

It's time we had a talk. I've been putting this off because it's never easy to have this kind of chat, but I have to do it. I must. It can't wait any longer. I wanted to let you know that you suck. You're cheap. You're breaking down worse than food passing through the digestive tract. You're such an enormous pain in the neck, but I keep you around because I need you. I really, truly, positively do. 

You're important to me because you kind of keep my life in order. Because of you my world keeps turning. My social media career & my blogging life wouldn't be the same without you. So even though you're annoying as hell I couldn't picture myself without you. I don't even know if I'd be the same if you weren't here. And I hate that.

I don't want to have to rely on anybody, especially you. Over time, you really let me down. When we first got together things were going great. You were in good shape. We got along. Everything was hunky-dory. But as time wore on, so did you. You let yourself go. You're nothing like the charger I once knew, the one I remember.

iphone charger

You're breaking, disintegrating completely. You're exposed. You're falling apart. You can't even last that long. I don't think I can be with someone like this unless you get yourself together. But the damage is done. I'm fed up with you. 

You should also know that you're replaceable. Yeah, I said it. I could find someone else just like you, maybe even better. I know it's harsh & something nobody likes to hear, but I cannot tolerate this any longer. I won't take it anymore. Eventually I have to throw you out. Move on. It may be a good idea to get you out of my life. Freedom.

That's why I'm writing this letter. I struggled to articulate the words but at some point they came streaming ever so passionately out. I didn't have the guts to say this in person. In fact, I probably would've panicked. But I'm done. I'm out. It's time for you to leave. I don't care where you go but you can't stay here. I'm breaking up with you now, but you've been breaking up on me for so much longer.


Is your phone charger breaking on you too? :]

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