After a long day of laboring, blogging, & overall functioning, there's no harm in a little bit of retail therapy. There's a wave of calmness that overcomes you as the swift swipe your credit card makes a purchase. It's peaceful. It's healing. It's bliss. 

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While my boyfriend was in North Park San Diego covering a show & plans with a friend fell through, I found myself heading out for a rowdy night of solo shopping. It was a much-needed relaxation activity & I want share what I ended up buying. I'm just so excited about everything! This is what dreams are made of. Some people's dreams at least.

Fashion blogger, beauty blogger, lorac cosmetics, style blog, California blogger,

beauty blogger, fashion blog, style blogger, beauty blog, California blogger,

Although I have my fair share of lip products, I couldn't resist buying this cute Alter Ego Mini Lip Gloss Collection by Lorac. The pack includes Lorac's five best selling highly pigmented lip glosses: Socialite, Girl Next Door, Showgirl, Jet Setter, & CEO. They're petite & perfectly sized so I can pop them in my purse when I'm on the go.

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I'm a girl who adores candles. Whether you find yourself having a night alone with Netflix or a romantic evening with a loved one, candles create a charming ambience. The flicker of the flame & the low lighting causes automatic relief. I spent approximately half an hour smelling candles over & over & over again attempting to narrow down my choices.

Fashion blogger, fashion blog, style blogger, lifestyle blog, California blogger,

dw home candles, fashion blog, style blogger, style blog, California blogger,

I was extremely impressed by the strength of DW Home's selection of candles & ended up buying two from the brand: Wild Honey Nectar & Peony Petals. I lit up both of them & so far they live up to their richly scented claim. You can clearly smell the candle when you walk into the room. I'm pretty impressed thus far.

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The last product on the beauty train is the ever so popular Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I purchased this a couple years ago & opted to buy it again. This time around I chose the mini version because I'm not the biggest eyeshadow wearer in the world & it's just a wiser option for me.

dw home, wild honey candle

That wraps up the new products I'm excited about.  I literally ripped everything open the second I got home. I simply couldn't wait & have no shame about that. If I buy it I can do whatever the heck I want with it. I admit I got home, washed my face, took off my makeup, only to apply one of the Alter Ego Lip Glosses as a reclined in bed watching Netflix. It was heavenly.

Have you tried any of these items? What products are you excited about? When you buy new stuff, do you patiently wait or do you rip them open immediately? :]

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