February has passed which means there goes another month you can cross off on your calendar of life. Looking back on my month, I spent a lot of time monitoring all review channels for the resorts & timeshares I do social media for. I went on more walks, viewing the glory that is nature. The winter breeze here in San Diego vanished & the warm sun came out to stay. If you missed it, check out January from A - Z. I'm sure you won't want to miss out on any of the riveting recaps I provide.

Aging - Getting older wasn't necessarily on my radar when I was younger, but it's something I notice regularly now. People are getting married, having kids, moving across the world to begin a new job. Wrinkles slowly pop up & grey hairs spring out of nowhere.

Black Rice -  I tried black rice in a recent recipe & it was positively magical. I love the unique color as well as the complex flavor. Black rice is something I would very much like to buy & use more often.

CSI: Miami - Totally loving CSI: Miami right now. I've been binge watching it while I do my blog work & it's a harmonious pair. It's something I can half pay attention to without getting too drawn in.

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Drama - It's much more fulfilling to have a small handful of tried & true friends rather than a larger collection of drama-filled people. Keep the people in your life who you truly trust, who make you smile, & who make you a better human being.

Earl Grey Tea - The best way to start your day is with a nice big mug of Earl Grey tea. It's just one of the most fabulous things on the planet.

Fuller House - I was super excited to take a look at the series, especially after I saw that almost the entire cast was reunited. I watched the first episode & it was funny, but the second episode didn't have the same cast. I decided to move on.

Gingivectomy - Good grief. I really hope my gingivectomy ordeal is over forever. It was such a long, sore process split up into two different procedures. I could really go the rest of my life without ever having to do that again.

Hawaii - One of the brands I do social media for is a resort in Hawaii. Every time I see photos of the lush green surrounding area or the rainbow colored pastel sunset, it always makes me want to take a plane & head over there posthaste.

Indio - The second annual trip to Coachella is next month! We'll be heading out to Indio, California in just a matter of weeks. I'm a bit self-conscious at the moment due to winter weight. Time for some sit ups.

fresh squeezed orange juice

Juice - Fresh squeezed orange juice is seriously delightful. I've been missing out. Store bought juice sucks. 

Kale - I know kale is super trendy these days, but it's a genuinely delicious addition to any meal. You can bake it. You can steam it. You can sauté it. Kale is a versatile & wonderful green. Add a big bunch to some soup; I guarantee you won't regret it.

Lyrics - After finding a song I take a liking to, I immediately look up the lyrics. It's just my thing. Perhaps it's because I'm a writer & I have a fascination to the lyrics a song writer creates. Maybe it's superficial, but I always like to browse the lyrics of a song.

Marzipan - Marzipan is essentially a candy made from almond meal & sugar. I really like the soft, slightly grainy texture & the version I got had a crisp chocolate coating. This is pure perfection for anyone out there who has a sweet tooth like me.

Neutrals - Although spring is nearly here, I find myself being drawn to neutrals & nudes, especially when it comes to my lip color. It's different from what I am normally attracted to  bold, bright colors! 

oatmeal breakfast

Oatmeal - Mornings are usually extremely hectic, so there's not much time to create a hearty meal. I opt for oatmeal. It keeps me filled for hours.

Potstickers - These little guys are so delicious; potstickers are dumplings with various types of filling. Mine is veggie of course. I steam them & add a touch of soy sauce & that's it. 

Queequeg - Shoutout to Scully's little Pomeranian pooch, Queequeg from The X-Files.

Retail Therapy - After a long day, I enjoyed the serene feeling of some retail therapy. It was a very calming experience. Smelling candles for half an hour will do that to you, but I walked away with some fantastic new home additions.

San Clemente - Fred & I are so stoked for our mini trip to San Clemente. The beachy town isn't super far from us, so we don't have to drive for ages & it's not too close to feel like we didn't go anywhere. We're really excited about our little vacation.

Tea Tree Oil - I ran out of my tea tree oil a few weeks ago & lagged on repurchasing it. Big mistake! I cannot live without the stuff. I put it on blemishes, bug bites, cuts, my scalp. There's a million uses for it. Tea tree oil is worth every penny & more. 

universal yums

Universal Yums - I haven't subscribed to a new subscription box in a while & figured it was high time to try something new. Universal Yums sends you candies from a designated country each month. For February it was France. 

Valentine's Day - We aren't too big on Valentine's Day, so it was a joyful surprise to receive a bouquet of flowers from Fred. Fresh flowers are the bomb!

Weekends - I lust for the weekends. Saturdays are usually spent recuperating, sleeping in, & slacking off since I so rarely get to do it. Sundays are spent doing errands & getting in a productive groove to start out the rest of the week.

Yellow - The sun's out, caressing San Diego with its embracing rays. Here's to 360 days of warm, yellow sunshine.

Sorry no 'X' or 'Z' this month! How was your February? :]

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