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February: My Month from A - Z

February has passed which means there goes another month you can cross off on your calendar of life. Looking back on my month, I spent a lot of time monitoring all review channels for the resorts & timeshares I do social media for. I went on more walks, viewing the glory that is nature. The winter breeze here in San Diego vanished & the warm sun came out to stay. If you missed it, check out January from A - Z. I'm sure you won't want to miss out on any of the riveting recaps I provide.

Aging - Getting older wasn't necessarily on my radar when I was younger, but it's something I notice regularly now. People are getting married, having kids, moving across the world to begin a new job. Wrinkles slowly pop up & grey hairs spring out of nowhere.

Black Rice -  I tried black rice in a recent recipe & it was positively magical. I love the unique color as well as the complex flavor. Black rice is something I would very much like to buy & use more often.

CSI: Miami - Totally loving CSI: Miami right now. I've been binge watching it while I do my blog work & it's a harmonious pair. It's something I can half pay attention to without getting too drawn in.

california lifestyle blogger

Drama - It's much more fulfilling to have a small handful of tried & true friends rather than a larger collection of drama-filled people. Keep the people in your life who you truly trust, who make you smile, & who make you a better human being.

Earl Grey Tea - The best way to start your day is with a nice big mug of Earl Grey tea. It's just one of the most fabulous things on the planet.

Fuller House - I was super excited to take a look at the series, especially after I saw that almost the entire cast was reunited. I watched the first episode & it was funny, but the second episode didn't have the same cast. I decided to move on.

Gingivectomy - Good grief. I really hope my gingivectomy ordeal is over forever. It was such a long, sore process split up into two different procedures. I could really go the rest of my life without ever having to do that again.

Hawaii - One of the brands I do social media for is a resort in Hawaii. Every time I see photos of the lush green surrounding area or the rainbow colored pastel sunset, it always makes me want to take a plane & head over there posthaste.

Indio - The second annual trip to Coachella is next month! We'll be heading out to Indio, California in just a matter of weeks. I'm a bit self-conscious at the moment due to winter weight. Time for some sit ups.

fresh squeezed orange juice

Juice - Fresh squeezed orange juice is seriously delightful. I've been missing out. Store bought juice sucks. 

Kale - I know kale is super trendy these days, but it's a genuinely delicious addition to any meal. You can bake it. You can steam it. You can sauté it. Kale is a versatile & wonderful green. Add a big bunch to some soup; I guarantee you won't regret it.

Lyrics - After finding a song I take a liking to, I immediately look up the lyrics. It's just my thing. Perhaps it's because I'm a writer & I have a fascination to the lyrics a song writer creates. Maybe it's superficial, but I always like to browse the lyrics of a song.

Marzipan - Marzipan is essentially a candy made from almond meal & sugar. I really like the soft, slightly grainy texture & the version I got had a crisp chocolate coating. This is pure perfection for anyone out there who has a sweet tooth like me.

Neutrals - Although spring is nearly here, I find myself being drawn to neutrals & nudes, especially when it comes to my lip color. It's different from what I am normally attracted to  bold, bright colors! 

oatmeal breakfast

Oatmeal - Mornings are usually extremely hectic, so there's not much time to create a hearty meal. I opt for oatmeal. It keeps me filled for hours.

Potstickers - These little guys are so delicious; potstickers are dumplings with various types of filling. Mine is veggie of course. I steam them & add a touch of soy sauce & that's it. 

Queequeg - Shoutout to Scully's little Pomeranian pooch, Queequeg from The X-Files.

Retail Therapy - After a long day, I enjoyed the serene feeling of some retail therapy. It was a very calming experience. Smelling candles for half an hour will do that to you, but I walked away with some fantastic new home additions.

San Clemente - Fred & I are so stoked for our mini trip to San Clemente. The beachy town isn't super far from us, so we don't have to drive for ages & it's not too close to feel like we didn't go anywhere. We're really excited about our little vacation.

Tea Tree Oil - I ran out of my tea tree oil a few weeks ago & lagged on repurchasing it. Big mistake! I cannot live without the stuff. I put it on blemishes, bug bites, cuts, my scalp. There's a million uses for it. Tea tree oil is worth every penny & more. 

universal yums

Universal Yums - I haven't subscribed to a new subscription box in a while & figured it was high time to try something new. Universal Yums sends you candies from a designated country each month. For February it was France. Stay tuned for a Universal Yums post coming soon to a computer screen near you!

Valentine's Day - We aren't too big on Valentine's Day, so it was a joyful surprise to receive a bouquet of flowers from Fred. Fresh flowers are the bomb!

Weekends - I lust for the weekends. Saturdays are usually spent recuperating, sleeping in, & slacking off since I so rarely get to do it. Sundays are spent doing errands & getting in a productive groove to start out the rest of the week.

Yellow - The sun's out, caressing San Diego with its embracing rays. Here's to 360 days of warm, yellow sunshine.

Sorry no 'X' or 'Z' this month! How was your February? :]

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  1. I totally didn't even realize you were going in alphabetical order until the end haha... wow... anyway, I agree every day begins with an Earl Grey tea for me as well! And I've been doing the same thing while blogging, but instead of CSI: Miami I've been watching X-Files while blogging :)
    Neat post idea now that I understand it LOL (gonna go back to bed and wake up when I can function.)


  2. Black rice is so fab, I wish more people knew about it because it's honestly brilliant and so healthy! Great post X

  3. I've never heard of black rice, I definitely need to check it out at the grocery store! Thanks for sharing!

    Toast the Girl Almighty

  4. Lovely post! Such a unique post - I might justhave to steal this for my next hahha! I also love tea tree oil and I can't live without it, I always remember to have a back up :)

    Kathy xx

  5. CUTE POST! Everything about this is lovely, love the pictures and these food ideas are great! <3

    The Dazzle Guide

  6. This is such a cute post! I've read a lot about tea tree oil recently and it sounds like it works wonders. Might have to try it out! xo


  7. Love this post haha. X-Files is everything to me, btw! Also if you love earl grey tea, you should try lavender earl grey! So good!

  8. I LOOOOVE lavender Early Grey tea!!!!! It's amazing. Do you have a brand recommendation? :]

  9. Tea tree oil is a miracle worker. Get some immediately & see for yourself. :]

  10. Looking back, I realize half of my month is talking up food or drink. :[

  11. You know better than me. I went weeks without a back up & regret it to this day! Stupid pimple. :]

  12. I didn't know much about black rice either but it has so much taste. Just add a bit of salt & you're set. :]

  13. Just finished up the X-Files in its entirety. LOVE it. Did you watch the new series? :]

  14. I don't think I've seen your January Recap before, Carmen, because it's my first time reading a recap post in this format, and I love it! I've been loving CSI, too, but it's CSI: Cyber that I'm obsessed with. Tea Tree Oil has attained holy grail status in my life, too!


  15. Sounds like such a lovely month. Coachella sounds so good, I really want to go. I hope you have a great time, over there and can't wait to read about it!



    Records of my Troubles

  16. I actually buy a brand in loose leaf tea called "versailles lavender earl grey tea" from Amazon. It's gotten mixed reviews but I love it! I'm looking for some to try in a tea bag if you have a suggestion for me.

  17. This is great! Exactly where DO those gray hairs come from, too? They think they're so sneaky. My husband swears by Tea Tree Oil too!

  18. This is SUCH a nice idea for a monthly review! I really enjoyed this post and I would be less lazy I would totally copy it. But I am afraid I am too lazy to come with somehting for (almost) every letter of the alphabet ;)

    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )




  19. I watched the first season of CSI: Cyber but haven't caught up with the new stuff! Love it. :]

  20. The just sprout up out of nowhere I tell ya!! Tea tree oil is just miraculous. :]

  21. I went to Coachella last year, so I'm way more prepared as far as what to bring & how to survive. :]

  22. I've always wanted to see csi! You just convinced me to do it haha. And I love Earl Grey Tea!


  23. I do love a hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning! Top it off with fresh fruit and it's absolutely delicious!

    She Likes to Shop

  24. Cool month in review!


  25. Yes, it's so perfect with fruit & a bit of cinnamon. :]

  26. Jealous about Coachella! And Fuller House was better than I thought it would be, the original cast (Danny, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, and Joey) make appearances throughout the season with DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie being the main characters in each episode. I actually enjoyed it more than the original ;-)
    Green Fashionista

  27. Absolutely adore this post so much!! I want to try Universal Yums!

    Xox Dana Ivy // www.iadorewhatilove.com

  28. I am obsessed with Fuller House too!!!

  29. Love this! Fuller house is ok, nothing compares to Full House though and retail therapy is always a necessity. :)

    XO Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  30. Yeah, I don't think anything will beat the original. :]

  31. Universal Yums was such a treat! :]

  32. Such a great post, love the pics

    Hope you’re having a Fabulous Sunday! Kisses,


  33. lovely photos :

  34. Loving this A-Y post! What a great idea :) I also go in heavily for oatmeal - this looks delicious!
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com


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