A home-cooked meal can awaken a joy unbeknownst to the unenlightened. We lead busy lives. There's always a task that occupies our hours or an event that engrosses our attention. The lack of time can contribute to our frequently buying boxed meals, pre-cooked fare, or fast food. By the time I'm done working a full day in the social media realm, concocting a delightful recipe for dinner is the last thing on my mind. 

Sun Basket Delivered Meals Review

Be that as it may, I always do it. A girl's got to eat. I often toy with the idea of giving in — getting a bean, rice, & cheese burrito or calling it a day with the chili ramen I have stashed in the cabinet for such occasions — but it's not the best or even the most practical option. Although I'd seen my fair share of meal delivery services, I was never inclined to invest in one. When Sun Basket* reached out to me to try their program, I was happy to give it a go. Perhaps it could be the answer to my prayers.

Sun Basket Delivered Meals Vegetarian


Sun Basket delivers portioned, organic meals conveniently to your door each week. Every ingredient you need is included, taking into account the amount required to successfully recreate each recipe. Their menu has vegetarian, gluten-free, & paleo options. Simply follow the directions on the recipe cards & get cooking.

Sun Basket Delivered Meals Review Recipe Cards


I received the two-person plan which entails three meals to feed two people — six servings. Normally, this particular plan costs $11.49 per meal per person or $68.94 each week. For comparison, I went out for Thai food & my meal cost $11.28; Sun Basket's pricing is on par with the average meal out.

Portuguese kale red bean soup Sun Basket
 Portuguese kale & red bean soup


The three vegetarian meals I received were: Portuguese kale & red bean soup, coconut curry braised greens & chickpeas with black rice, & lastly, rigatoni with roasted cauliflower, pine nuts, & currants. The Portuguese kale & bean soup was flavorful, full of texture, & very filling. The kale added robust flavor & vibrant color to the soup.

The coconut curry braised greens & chickpeas with black rice was extremely filling. I ended up saving half of my portion to eat for lunch the next day. I'd like to integrate the forbidden black rice into my food cabinet. It's way good! Toasting the coconut created a powerful & seducing aroma to waft from the kitchen.

I had the most fun making the rigatoni with roasted cauliflower, pine nuts, & currants. Fred & I worked simultaneously to prep the meal & assemble it accordingly. The rigatoni had a harmonious combination of flavors & textures. It felt indulgent & satisfying.

My favorite: the rigatoni
My boyfriend's favorite: the Portuguese bean soup

sun basket delivered meals
About to roast the cauliflower & onion for the rigatoni


Sun Basket allows you the opportunity to create a fun bonding experience with your family or whoever helps you create the meal. You get quality time together to concoct tasty grub. Having the ingredients right there, perfectly portioned, is an unbelievably blissful feeling. There are no questions about what to make. There's no fretting about having to frantically trek to a grocery store. It's literally all right there: ingredients, step-by-step recipes, & all. Meals were 100% delicious, fresh, unique, & a joy to make.

Vegetarian rigatoni Sun Basket Review
 Rigatoni with roasted cauliflower, pine nuts, & currants


While Sun Basket does allow you to choose your meals for the next week, as a vegetarian, I had no choice. There were only three meals for me. Meals are nutritionist-approved, but recipes range from 500 to 800 calories per serving. The rigatoni was gloriously & gratifyingly good, but the 800 calorie tag weighed down on my parade. The recipe card claims most meals can be made in 30 minutes, but I found it leaned toward 45 minutes. The nearly $70 per week price tag may not be the most feasible choice for those on a budget. 

sun basket delivered meals


I'd love to see more meat-free options available so I can choose my meals. The cost may not be the most economical, but it's the same as an average meal at a restaurant. I eat out maybe once a month, so the Sun Basket pricing doesn't work for me on a regular basis. It is, however, something I would invest in every once in a while for a romantic three meals, like the week of our anniversary or another fun occasion. Sun Basket is an easy way to have bonding time with your loved ones without the hassle of choosing from a sea of recipes & then venturing out to purchase all the necessary ingredients.

sun basket delivered meals
Toasting pine nuts for the rigatoni

Final Thoughts

Sun Basket is a fantastic deal if you find yourself going out to dinner each week. The $68.94 price tag can be justified by the cost of the ingredients, the convenience of product delivered to your door, the time saved at the grocery store, the ingredients portioned to ensure nothing goes rotten or forgotten, & the ease of a pre-determined recipe at your fingertips. I wouldn't purchase this on a regular basis, but it's something I'd be willing to buy a handful of times per year.

sun basket delivered meals
 Coconut curry braised greens & chickpeas with black rice
 What about you? Have you ever tried a meal delivery service? What do you think of Sun Basket & its meals?

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