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Debris || A Short Story About Expectations on Life & Careers

Debris, debris, nothing but debris. Anna Rose's life felt like the streets after a California storm. Everything everywhere; nothing as it should be. Branches in the road with a haphazard pile of leaves on the side — a strange but alluring mess.

Anna Rose questioned her life choices. She wondered, she pondered, she thought. Some of life's biggest decisions aren't as easy as the adults had made it seem years prior. "Go to college. Get a job. It'll all work out." It wasn't that simple. It never is.

There she was two years after her graduation, working part-time as a server at a bustling restaurant & part-time doing freelance graphic design work. It was a beautifully dysfunctional marriage, graphic design & her, but the rest was frivolous. 

She arose every morning & poured herself an enormous mug of coffee, only to trek to work to serve coffee to someone else. Her life reminded her of the line that Rachel said in Friends: "Everyone I know is either getting married, or getting promoted, or getting pregnant, & I'm getting coffee!"

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Time wasted, time thrown away, time that vanished like a puff of smoke in the air. Gone. With every passing day, Anna Rose felt increasingly restless. Every moment she spent at the restaurant, was a moment she couldn't focus on her goals: her dream of running her own graphic design & consulting company.

Debris, debris, debris. Anna Rose worried that her life was off track. Her inspiration lacked while her desperation grew more than a mass of mold in a long forgotten cup of tea. She felt like the weight of the universe hung heavily on her shoulders, but she put the pressure on herself.

Anna Rose took a moment to breathe. She was 24. She didn't have to have it all figured out. Vera Wang didn't begin her career as a designer until she was 40. J.K. Rowling was 32 when she first penned Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone. Amy Poehler began her comedy career in her late 20s. Anna Rose exhaled with a sigh of relief.

There is so much potential & hope out there; she just has to find it. Not everyone has their life figured out the moment they finish college & some never figure it out at all. Anna Rose let out her final tear of frustration & wiped it away.

Today she was going to pursue her vision & she wasn't going to let her age or her fear of rejection or her expectations on life & careers get in the way. Baby steps toward her goal. That's what she needed & that's what she did. It was never about finding the answer, it was about finding the path. 

Is your life how you thought it would be when you were a kid, a teen, a college student? Can you relate to Anna Rose? :]

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  1. Carmen Jny (carmitive)April 10, 2016 at 2:10 AM

    What a great post. I really liked it and it's so motivating! Enjoy your Sunday <3
    xx, Carmen -

  2. Lovely post and you have an amazing blog.

  3. Wow, Carmen, I really enjoyed this writing piece. I love this because it's so true on how people feel especially after graduating school. Expectations can truly kill happiness!
    Lots of love,
    Kayla xo // Kayla's Vibration

  4. Such a great post!


    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. What a beautiful piece of writing! Totally relate to this, I don't think anyone ever has their life as worked out as they thought they would!
    Amy Xx
    Call Me Amy

  6. I think success doesn't come with age.
    This is a great read Carmen.

    Have a great day!

  7. very nice read! Its never too late to follow you dream! I love this
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. I loved this! I can relate to her in the fact that I'm worrying about what I'm going to do after I graduate and whether I'll be able to achieve what I want to do! It's a great piece of writing! :)
    Love Victoria xx

  9. adored this post!

    Check out my blog?

    Love, Jess xx

  10. i really this sentence from your blog. ''It was never about finding the answer, it was about finding the path. '' and totally agree with taking a baby step toward our goals instead of a large step. we may learn so much more in taking baby step.

    jess x |

  11. Life is short, I am a worrier so this really helps! Live in the moment. Always follow your dreams.

    XO Chelsea

  12. That's so true, Kayla. Happiness is more important. :]

  13. Precisely. Nothing goes according to plan. :]

  14. I think it's the universal struggle of a university student. After college is such a shock. :]

  15. Lovely post! I feel the exact same to a lot of things you have mentioned here. It is so hard to keep your mind in a positive frame when you are constantly thinking about the future and whereyou're heading. Love your blog! <3

    The Dazzle Guide

  16. I could have written this blog post, so much of what you wrote resonates with me. I've been trying to find my path for a long time, and in creative fields especially, it becomes disheartening at times, but we trek on, because really, what's the alternative? Giving up is not an option!

  17. I have learnt that life is never as you expected it to turn out. I have also learnt that is OK!
    I have just quit (last day is on Friday) my very respectable, well paid and serious corporate job to...well, do something different! I wrote about how I figured out what to do here: for others who are not too sure about their careers either!
    Claire x

  18. Just what I needed to read at this moment of time , great writing ! :)

  19. I can massively relate to Anna Rose, after graduating last year I am in a low-paying job and dedicating all my free time to my blog. Such great writing and beautiful words, thank you for sharing, you write beautifully x

    Kiran |

  20. Thanks so much, Jess. It really is about identity your goals & taking baby steps to get there. :]

  21. Follow your dreams. Worrying only gets you so far. :]

  22. So true, especially in the current market with student loans, high prices, & low pay. Eek.

  23. That's so cool to hear, Felicia. It really can be disheartening, that's why those small milestones are so worth it. :]

  24. That's amazing! What's your next goal? :]

  25. Oh I definitely understand. It's tough but worth it. :]

  26. ugh. so relatable! currently two years out from graduation, about to walk away from corporate America to pursue my dreams. Your writing was made for women like myself. Thank you Carmen!


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