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March: My Month from A - Z

Well, well, well. Here we are. It's April — my birth month, the epitome of spring, the fourth month of 2016. As each day passes, I approach turning 26. I've come to enjoy birthdays. They're nothing to be afraid of. It's an honor to age & to be alive. There are people I went to school with or worked with who did not make it to the same age as me; they perished before being able to do so. Here's to relishing life as it comes & to remembering March!

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Avocado - Avocados are simply a miraculous fruit. They're hearty, healthy, & so versatile. I'm currently loving avocado toast or even a couple slices of avocado with dinner.

Birthday - My boyfriend's birthday was in the beginning of March. It's exciting to look back over the years to see what's changed & how to keep moving forward.

Cinnamon - I put cinnamon on & in almost everything, especially my morning oatmeal. It gives food a little bit more pizzazz. 

Dogs - Dogs are the best. They're fluffy & friendly & some of the best beings on this planet. They always give me the biggest smile because they love unconditionally. Yay for dogs!

birds in the sky

Exploration - The act of going somewhere a new, investigating a place you've yet to explore is an experience unlike anything else. You don't even have to go far. Simply walk outside of your house & see what's around. It's that simple!

Farmer's Market - I mentioned farmer's markets in my last 5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ♥  because I'm really digging them. From all the comments, it seems like you guys do too!

Gifts - Out of nowhere, unexpected gifts are seriously so heartwarming. That's all I have to say about that.

carlsbad flower fields, california lifestyle blogger, california fashion blogger

Hats - Alright, so the Southern California sun is ready for its appearance. The days are warmer & the clouds freckling the sky are less frequent. Hats & sunscreen are especially imperative as spring & summer arrive.

Ideas - It seems like I'm brimming with ideas but don't have enough time to execute them. Oh life.

Jellybeans - I rarely have jellybeans or anything of that nature, so it was a bit of a fun & unique experience to have a bit of a jellybean tasting with my friend. Pear is the best!

Keepsakes - I am a sucker for souvenirs & not even the ones that you buy. Sometimes I collect little notes or mementos, a present from different experiences like a pressed flower from my trip or a bottle cap from my first beer in Belgium.

Laughter - At the end of a long & stressful day of social media strategy, meetings, planning for events or posts, I need a little bit of laughter. Laughter throughout the day is even better to lift my spirits.

Mascara - Aside from lipstick, mascara is one of my go-to makeup products. I feel that much more complete after I put a coat or two on.

happy spring

Nowruz - The Persian new year just passed in celebration of the start of spring. I went to a gathering with my family & enjoyed lots of Persian food & Persian music. It reminded me of my younger days when I used to attend events like this every year.

Oil Change - My little car needed an oil change & the wait was about four hours. This definitely wasn't the most exciting moment of my month but it was part of my month nonetheless.

Pastels - With the arrival of spring comes the prevalence of pretty pastels. I'm loving a light lavender at the moment. So lovely.

Quality - The older I get the more I'm into quality versus quantity — quality of clothing, quality of blog posts, quality of friends. I wish I understood this when I was younger.

Rosemary Garlic Bread - Nothing beats a freshly baked loaf of bread, except buying one that you didn't have to labor over yourself. The rosemary garlic bread had gargantuan pieces of garlic, which seemed intimidating at first but ended up tasting superb.

San Clemente - You can read all about my various San Clemente endeavors here & here; I had a great mini vacation in the cute, coastal town.

carlsbad flower fields

The Flower Fields - I am so thrilled about the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. If you're in the San Diego area during springtime this is the place to visit. The flowers are ridiculous.

Uniform - I'm narrowing down my closet & sticking to pieces that are extremely versatile, pieces I can get a lot of wear out of. A capsule wardrobe sounds more & more like a good idea. 

Vocal - Don't be afraid to voice your opinion. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself or for what is right in your mind.

Water - Shout out to water — the life force of all humans, animals, & beings on earth (& possibly elsewhere).

hotel bed

Xenodocheionology - What the heck is xenodocheionology? The definition is: the love of hotels, motels, & inns. I love the peacefulness & intrigue of staying in a hotel. I'm adoring it more since I find myself yearning for getaways.

Yes - Just say "yes" a little bit more often. Say yes to things you normally wouldn't do — events that you're scared of, trips that seem too far, interviews that intimidate you. You'll see the growth once you start saying yes more.

Zitella - I did a bit of vocabulary searching to make sure my months from A - Z was complete & found the word zitella, which means a woman who's not married. That's me!

How was your March? Are you a zitella? :]

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic month! I'm also loving avocado recently - I can't seem to make my smoothies without it! x

    Viva Epernay

  2. a capsule wardrobe is always the best idea!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this series! I also completely agree about birthdays. If you're not getting older it means you're not here! So we should all be grateful when we get to celebrate another birthday.

  4. such a cute post *_* And yes for dogs :D I have always wanted one and currently thinking and planing to get one (if we are allowed in our appartment >_<)

  5. Beautiful series! You've just inspired me with "say yes". Thank you!


  6. Dammit, reading this makes me want to take out my bread maker and make rosemary and garlic bread, it sounds so damn good! And yes to mascara! I can't live without them.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. Happy birthday month! I hope you enjoy your birthday and have a great month.

  8. I really need to get myself to a Farmer's Market!!

    Lauren x |

  9. I agree with so many points on this. Avocado and mascara are definitely two of my favourite things from last month! I don´t think I´d have survived the month without them, haha.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  10. I love your outlook on life and the month ahead! You have a beautiful way of making people smile while reading your posts :)

  11. Lol I thought I was the only one crazy about cinnamon. I hope you have fun on your upcoming birthday!

  12. Amazing post! I enjoyed reading it! thanks for sharing :)

    xx Jamie| With Love, Jamie

  13. How exciting, I hope you have a lovely birthday! You have such a positive outlook on life, growing older, and the upcoming month it's really inspiring! I love cinnamon and avocados too, they're so good for you and make everything taste so much better. Sending love and light your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  14. Love the post. March from A to Z is a cool idea :D
    Xx Blue Ducklings

  15. This is a cool idea! I am totally with you on the xenodocheionology :)

  16. The interior is amazing ! so cosy and colorful


  17. Smoothies! Thanks for the idea. :]

  18. Do you have one? I like the idea, but have yet to take the full leap. :]

  19. So so true. Hoorat for birthdays. :]

  20. It doesn't hurt to look at the local shelter & keep your eyes open for a good match. :]

  21. I'll take some of that bread while you're at it. :]

  22. Thank you. It's coming up soon. eeeek. :]

  23. Well, avocado & mascara are some of life's best things. :]

  24. Thanks Kelsey. I appreciate that. :]

  25. No way! I'm so crazy about cinnamon!! :]

  26. Thank you for your kind words, Diana. That's so sweet of you. Now...I wonder if we could mix cinnamon & avo together. Hmmm. :]

  27. Thank goodness I'm not alone on that one. :]

  28. You know what? After reading your blog post I decided to do VEDA, Vlog Every Day in April. Can you believe this? Thank you Carmen!

  29. This is such a neat idea! I agree with you about avocados. They are so good!

    Kathlyn |


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