26. Yesterday was my birthday; I made it to the ripe age of 26. It's not as thrilling of a milestone as 18 when you're legally an adult or 21 when you can legally drink alcoholic beverages or even 25 when you can officially rent a car. As I mentioned in this post, aging is a blessing because it means that we're still alive, we're still kicking, we're still existing. Turning 26 is exciting & I wouldn't turn around the clocks or go back in time for anything. 

I had a fun & relaxed weekend. On Friday I joined my boyfriend & his coworkers for dinner at the Truckstop in Pacific Beach. Then we went on a romantic boat cruise on the Bahia Belle around the bay. We saw minnows & jellyfish & looked up at the cloudy, slightly starry skies. It was wonderful.

pink rose

On Saturday I felt a bit tired because we stayed up until 1 a.m watching The Food Truck Road Race the night before. Apparently, I'm getting old because I paid for it the whole next day; I was super fatigued. We started our Saturday at the gym then spent the day in bed — my favorite thing to do on a gloomy day. 

I sipped some coffee, got under the covers, & watched Netflix. Ah yes, pure bliss. We ordered pizza & had some beer to round off the night. Fred got me a gift card to Lush which was literally what I asked for. 

california lifestyle blogger, yellow deli

Then on Sunday, my actual birthday, we made some brunch with coffee. Fred's mom gave me a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses & we went to late lunch with my parents to the Yellow Deli. It was a partially cloudy afternoon with the bright blue sky peeking out in the background. We sat on the outside patio under the umbrellas, & it was a delight. 

All in all, I had a lovely weekend with loved ones. Sometimes we get caught up in birthdays or expectations or aging, but I found myself focusing on the joy of life & living. Here's to age 26 & what the rest of the year will bring.

How was your weekend? :]

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