I'm glad I was a child in the 90s & grew up in the early 2000s because so much has changed with the prevalence of social media. There's always the opportunity to compare yourself to others your age or in your field of work — beauty-wise, body-wise, success-wise.

When I was young I wasn't into makeup. I remember being a high schooler & I only occasionally dusted my visage with face powder because that was my idea of makeup. However, my first real genuine makeup product was given to me by my aunt. It was a slim black nameless tube of mascara. I have no idea what brand or what kind, all I know is that she brought it over from France. 

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I was quite intimidated by it too. I had no concept of mascara or how to apply it. It looked like an oddly shaped stick coated in thick, black goop. "I'm supposed to put this near my eyeball?" It seemed like something I would more than likely poke my eye out with.

It took me at least a couple months to finally utilize the scary thing, applying it with extreme caution & precision to my batting lashes. Although I likely applied one wimpy layer, it made me feel good. It made me feel grown-up, like an adult in charge. 

My first bout with mascara likely stimulated my ever-growing love of the stuff. I continue to search for that holy grail item. I recall contemplating why my aunt would supply me with such a gift, but I'm glad she did. She helped me venture out of my comfort zone, if only for a couple steps.

How about you? What was your very first makeup item? How did it make you feel? :]

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