We often create content hoping it will get views, get shared, or get some reach but there's never a true formula to success. Looking back over the years here are six posts of mine that did surprisingly well on their own — or as we like to call in the business: organically.

Organic success is the best success because it means that someone out there is actively clicking a link rather than being prompted to due so from an ad. Walk with me through the past to see exactly which of my posts did well & how they were successful. Some of these may surprise you because they certainly surprised me. Take a look!
This is my most viewed post of all time by a landslide. I get consistent views every day, every hour almost exclusively from Pinterest. How to Tie Dye a Shirt with Bleach is a very Pinterest appropriate post, especially with the relevant photo with easy to read text. It's a crafty, do-it-yourself project, which is super prevalent on Pinterest. The post sometimes gets additional engagement with a comment or question asking how to achieve the best results.

fox graffiti

My Experience at Comedy Central's @midnight Taping

I had no idea this post was going to do so well. My blog is a lifestyle blog after all. I share aspects of my life on it, so I simply wrote about my experience at the show. Little did I know this post would get daily views because people specifically search for @midnight information. This post also gets the occasional comment or question.

social media basics for bloggers

Social Media Basics for Bloggers

It's not so surprising that this post did so well due to the nature of its content. This particular post was my very first social media tips & tricks post for bloggers. It received a lot of initial traction & is beneficial for anyone who blogs. It's informational & relevant for the blogging world. I decided to continue my social media basics for bloggers series due to the success of this post.

julian tea

6 Things To Do in Julian, CA

I went on a weekend trip to Julian, California & wrote about my time there. The businesses I mentioned ended up sharing the post, which got shared within the Julian community. That said, most of the viewers are Julian-centric, people who live there, or travelers looking for ideas on things to do in Julian.

valentine's day gift ideas for her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

This was shared on Reddit by one of the included brands & it gained a lot of views in that community. Reddit is a difficult social media channel to master, so I was happy to see all the views this post received. This is an example of a post that got a lot of organic views but hasn't since its initial posting.
I simply wrote a review about my experience with the Bath & Body Works Wallflower. Apparently I'm not the only person who has one or is interested in purchasing one, because this receives consistent views from those searching for Wallflower reviews.

There you have it. These are six of my most popular & most read blog posts that did well organically. I continue to be amazed at the success of My Experience at Comedy Central's @midnight Taping. Let me know if you have any questions!

Which post of yours did surprisingly well organically? :]

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