Hip hip hooray for new products! Three cheers for new products! Four for you new products. You go new products! Can you tell these are new products that I'm excited about? In this instance I'm quite happy about some new purchases in the perfume & candle department. I like to tell myself I do it for the blog, but I do it for myself. I just get a thrill out of shopping & it makes me happy to try out new stuff. You can read about other products I've been excited about here & here.

I wish everyone a happy & thoughtful Memorial Day. To those currently serving, to those who served in the past, & to those who lost their lives serving, we honor you today & every day.

bloom and prosper, cranberry kiwi candle

Cranberry Kiwi candle by Bloom & Prosper - This candle has adorable packaging because it comes in a glass jar with a lid. After you're done with the candle, simply wash it out & you have a new container. The scent is fruity, sweet, & fills up the room. I can't find a link to it anywhere online! It's like it doesn't exist.

scentsational, jasmine natural soy candle

Jasmine Natural Soy Candle by Scentsational - This pretty candle smells like genuine jasmine. It's fragrant, floral, & potent. You'll certainly smell this walking across the room. Scentsational really means business. It came in a really adorable mesh bag. I'm loving it so far!


glow by jlo

Glow by JLo - I was abnormally thrilled when I spotted this perfume. Here's a mini life story: when I was 12 I subscribed myself to several teen magazines. You know how magazines have the little foldout with the little perfume sample scent? Glow was one of those perfumes. I distinctly remember flipping through the pile of magazines & smelling this scent. In addition to being a genuinely wonderful perfume, Glow by JLo gives me such waves of nostalgia. I had to buy it! 

lovely by sarah jessica parker

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker -  This is my second bottle of Lovely. Back in college, my roommate gave me Lovely for my birthday. I slowly worked through it over the years & couldn't resist buying it this time around. This is another scent I associate with positive memories. 

perfume and candles

There you have it. Everything smells amazing thus far & I have absolutely no buyer's remorse. All these options are great choices & I would totally recommend getting any of them. No lie: I've been wearing Glow nonstop. It just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

Have you tried any of these products? What was your last perfume or candles purchase? :]

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