Fridays are always a day of reflection for me. I like to take a moment to go over the week & my goals. Some weeks are more productive than others. Some weeks are more frustrating than others. Some weeks are better than others, plain & simple. But that's the way life works. Here are the five things I'm loving right now. 

fish tank


In honor of the release opening of Finding Dory, here's a picture of a fish. I went to Coronado this week to get some pictures of one of the resorts & this sweet fish tank was located in the lobby. He's like a fish unicorn.

bee cookies

Bee Cookies

These cookies were as cute as they were tasty. They had three designs: one with a bee, one with honeycomb, & one with a pretty little flower. They were simple & a perfect pair to a cup of Earl Grey tea. Shout out to Christine for making them!

tinkerbell cake

Tinkerbell Cake

You know what? I want to celebrate my birthday like a four-year-old. I want to genuinely enjoy the day with the people I love the most. I want to put on a pretty dress & have a fancy cake. I'm officially going to throw my own birthday party next year with no shame & no regrets. Anyhoo, how adorable is this Tinkerbell cake that Fred's mum made?

designer stationary

Designer Stationary

I'm all for affordable stationary. I've purchased some great things from the dollar store. This time around I opted for these three 40 page Nicole Miller notebooks. Aren't they beautiful? I love the bold & vibrant designs. 


Long-Lasting Flowers Round 2

Remember last week when I talked about my awesome long-lasting bouquet from Aldi? Well, they're still kicking! These bad boys have lasted me over two weeks! Can you believe it? I'll definitely continue buying flowers at Aldi.

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What are you loving right now? :]

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