If you're looking for things to do in Cologne, Germany, you could spend the afternoon searching for all the street art in the city.

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Cologne (Germany) Street Art & Graffiti

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The quest to discover various types of street art makes every day less mundane & more like a personal art gallery. Wherever you go, colossal city or tiny town, there will always be art forms to find. Some cities have designated walls where artists are welcome to create their work. This post is a collage of Cologne, Germany graffiti.

I'm girl who looks at the ground, but not in a shy, mousy type of way. I mean this in the way that I'm always looking for something. You wouldn't believe how many of my trip souvenirs came from finding stuff on the ground  — scarves, key chains, figurines, pens, lighters, & even a glass cup. It's just a part of my nature to look for the unexpected.

Germany Street Art & Graffiti

That's the reason why street art & graffiti have remained a constant point of amusement over the years.  I love free stuff & a complimentary tour of a public, local museum is the way to go. Although it was a brief day excursion through Cologne, Germany, I was able to see a decent amount of public works. Twerk Biatch! is my ultimate favorite. Looking back at photos like this makes me want to get out of the house, drive a few miles, & roam the streets to see what art awaits.

The Cologne Cathedral is another fun thing to do in Cologne, Germany!

Which Cologne, Germany street art is your favorite? :]

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