The sunrises & sets as fast as I exhale one solitary breath. The involuntary nature of the expulsion & inhalation of air within my body can be compared to the passing days. Each moment goes by as quickly as my lungs draw in oxygen. Instantaneously. It's not something to control or have a say in. It just happens. Time & time again. Friday, we meet again. Here are five things I'm loving right now.

california lifestyle blogger

Work Views

It's official. I'll be traveling to Southern California resorts nine out of 12 weeks each quarter (three months). I'm in the midst of creating a schedule of where I'm going, what day I'll go, & what I'll be covering. This is a shot from Coronado, California. I'm enjoying a sparkling cranberry lemonade.



Roosters are pretty animals. I never knew that because I've never spent any time around one. But there's always room for change. There's a surprising & beautiful range to their looks. This rooster might as well consider a career in modeling or maybe even acting. I could see him in a commercial.

san diego county fair

A Night at the Fair 

The San Diego County Fair (or has locals still call it: the Del Mar Fair) is a long-standing tradition in the community. It's grown tremendously because it was utterly packed this year. It was like going to Disneyland on Saturday — shoulder to shoulder, traffic galore. I especially adore looking at the photo gallery & paintings, the farm animals, & of course you have to grub on some fried fair food.

chuao chocolatier


I love when Fred surprises me with dessert. He recently brought some Chuao Chocolatier chocolate bars for me to try out. I love tasting their various concoctions. Although milk chocolate isn't my favorite, I really enjoyed the Strawberry Waffle Wild & Caramel Apple Crush.

neon sign

Neon Signs

Upon exploring Coronado, California's crown jewel, I saw a whimsical sign for a motel. I was immediately drawn to its vintage, classic vibe. Super cool. It was like a blast from the past. You rarely seeing neon signs these days.

What are you loving right now? Do you have any weekend plans? :]

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