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Grab a cup of coffee or tea & enjoy some of the finest links that the vast Internet world has to offer. I decided to start a new series called Links That Rock. Bloggers have been doing this for eons, so it's not an original idea by any means but I've never done it here on the blog. These are just some links that have caught my eye & maybe you'll find something interesting too. Enjoy.

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1. How different fashion stores would style you to be 'sexy' // 
It's intriguing to see what a particular store considers 'sexy' because each one ranges so drastically. This would be an interesting experiment to try out.

2. A delicious curly fries recipe made with a spiralizer
I always wondered how curly fries were made. I don't know if this is standard procedure but I've been dying to use my spiralizer more often. All the seasonings look delicious as well.

3. The perfect U.S. road trip according to science
There's so much to see in the U.S. & I've only been to a handful of the 50 states. I did a Route 66 road trip as well as a trip up to Portland, but there's much more. This would be one long road trip though.

4. Why The Biggest Loser contestants gain back their weight
This is an eye-opening read about why past contestants seem to gain all or more of their weight back. You sit on your couch rooting for them to win but even if they do, many gain the pounds right back.

5. Easy photography tips to improve your skills
I mean, we can always get better at photography. That's certainly my goal. This post contains relatively simple tips to do so. #13 is genius. 

6. Edible flowers & how to use them
I've been interested in taking a foraging class. I often wonder what treasures & tastes I'm passing every day. Until that moment, this informative post will have to do.

Which of these links was the most interesting to you? :]

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  1. Easy, breezy, fun, useful! Nothing I don't like about your 'links that rock'! ;)


  2. oooh loving the photo tips! will give a read!
    Scalfi♥">Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Fab post babe! Such a good idea! I love the photography tips article, I'm always on the look out for tips on how improve my photography skills! Xx

  4. Bailey Turner SchwartzJune 15, 2016 at 7:44 AM

    I've been dying to go on a real, true road trip. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Here’s The Skinny

  5. I need to read that photography link! LOL I need all the help I can get >.<

  6. Curly fries made with a spiraliser?! I actually had no idea! Although I really want to try this now! & also love that you're about to embark on foraging! I'm always looking to try new things and have heard lots of people rave about it :)

    much love from the UK!
    Ana xx

  7. Number 5 is of particular interest as I'm always looking to improve my photography skills! I've saved it to my favourites ready to return to and read properly :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  8. Wow we read a lot of similar articles! Great minds haha! I'm all about those curly fries, especially with sweet potatoes. And I feel so bad about those biggest loser contestants. It's such a struggle, but also helpful to know that it's not poor choices, but something beyond their control.

    xx Yasmin

  9. Love the photography link :) I always want to improve so any help helps :)

  10. I want to go on a road trip so badly, but I'm so prone to motion sickness that it probably isn't a good idea... love these links!

    Via Sora

  11. Thank You! These are all pretty interesting. Will definitely check out 3 and 5 :)


  12. thanks for sharing these links!

    Have a great day!

    Animated Confessions

  13. I bought a spiralizer that I rarely had it never occurred to me to make curly fries! Genius! Love this post!
    xx Annie

  14. Let me know which tip is your favorite. :]

  15. Were any of the tips particularly helpful? :]

  16. Yeah, this one seems like a veryyyyy long road trip. :]

  17. Were any of the tips particularly helpful? :]

  18. I had no idea either. I wonder if that's an industry standard. Definitely want to try it out. :]

  19. Did you find any of the tips particularly helpful? :]

  20. Sweet potato is a great idea! The Biggest Loser article was certainly concerning. I had no idea how much struggle there was.

  21. I rarely use mine either, but I do love potatoes. :]

  22. I knew quite a few of the photography tips, though number 2 was a really useful one - and one I'll be keeping in mind for when visiting different countries this year and wanting to get those 'magical night shots' :)

    Gabrielle x

  23. Hey Carmen thanks for sharing these links :) Number 1 seems the most interesting for us!
    xx Grace | KOUKI


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