Whether you've been reading my blog long-term or briefly, you should know that I am a social media professional. I spend my time on various social media channels trying to get the most reach, the most clicks, the most purchases for each brand.

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increase your facebook reach

Facebook is a complex social media outlet, especially since its algorithm changes every time you blink your eyes (or so it would seem). While my own account is not the most robust, popular account, I use these methods for all brands. One of the brands I do social media for has seen an enormous increase in engagement & reach — with posts getting 100+ likes & 2,500+ estimated reach with a following of only 4,000 users. Take a look at these tips & ways to increase your reach on Facebook. 

Create a Facebook Page

In order to increase your Facebook reach, the first thing you need to do is create a Facebook page. There is an enormous difference between a fan page & a regular profile. The fan page is a profile where people "like" the page versus where they "friend" you. Create a page for your brand, blog, or company & fill out the profile in its entirety. That means you need a profile photo, a cover photo, the website link, description, bio, & everything in between.

Share Content from Other People

Although this may seem like the antithesis of what you want to do, sharing content from other pages or people expands your reach further than if you posted something yourself. This means more people will view, like, or comment on that particular post. For example, if you share content from BuzzFeed or another relevant source, you'll end up expanding your reach & the people who see your page.

california lifestyle blogger
In this post I tag the brand within the post, check in to the brand, & use relevant hashtags.

Tag Brands or People in the Post

If you're at a local coffee shop enjoying one of their specialty drinks, tag the company within the post. If you're wearing a particular brand's tank top, tag them. Give credit & they might share the post, like it, &/or comment on it.  All of these factors will increase your overall reach.

Check in at a Location

Continuing on the above tip, checking in can increase your reach as well. It benefits the business & that's a good social media tactic for everyone. If they see your check in, they may share your post. Sometimes you have to give someone exposure to receive it.

Post Often

If you're posting once a week you might as well not post it all. This is a bit sad, but it's the truth. The more you post the more people will see what you have to say. This goes along with the Facebook algorithm. I personally saw a clear difference from when I was posting once every few days to at least once a day. My reach grew considerably.

jackfruit nachos
In this post I check in at the location & use relevant hashtags.

Use Hashtags

Although hashtags aren't as useful as they are on Instagram, people still search things with hashtags on Facebook. Use any relevant hashtags to what you're talking about, but limit hashtags to five or less. Bonus tip: take advantage of any trending hashtags.

Share Posts in Relevant Groups

Join five or so groups that are relevant to your blog topics. If you focus on travel, join groups that talk about travel. If you're a fashion blogger, join fashion groups. Sharing your relevant posts within groups tailored to your specific audience will garner views. 

california lifestyle blogger
This is what a Facebook Page looks like. I used "Contact Us" as my call to action.

Use the Call to Action Feature

On every Page, Facebook allows you to create a call to action. Establish which call to action is most relevant for your brand. You can choose from Contact Us, Book Now, Call Now, Send Message, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, Send Email, Learn More. There are many options to help you tailor it to your brand.

Use Video

Video content is queen. Video continues to be the best algorithmic boost. As BuzzSumo found, “the average video post in April 2017 reached 12.05% of the total page audience, just ahead of photos at 11.63%, links at 7.81%, and status updates at only 4.56%."

Ask a Question

Keep your readers engaged by asking a question to get their feedback. For example, I featured a specific brand of coffee, but at the end of my caption, I ask my followers what their go-to coffee order is. Ask for feedback from your followers but be specific with your question. By specifically asking "what's your current coffee order?" I ended up with better results than without a question. It's conversational. Remember: if they answer, be sure to respond. Keep the dialogue going.

Facebook is like the ocean. It's always changing with a consistent ebb & flow. You may think you understand it one day & then the next week they launch a new feature or alter the algorithm. But don't worry, I've got you covered stay tuned & subscribe to my newsletter (in the right hand side of my blog) & check back for more social media posts!

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