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Why I Don't Hate the New Instagram Logo + Why You Shouldn't Either

Everyone had a hissy fit over Instagram's new logo. Everyone was complaining & talking & generally carrying on about it. But I'm here as a voice of reason (& a social media coordinator) to share with you why I don't hate the new Instagram logo & why you shouldn't hate it either. It's pretty simple.

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Correlates with Brand Evolution

Apple did it. Pepsi did it. Starbucks did it. Brands update their logo to reflect a changing market & to correlate with their brand identity. In this case, Instagram chose to portray itself in a simplified & colorful manner in an effort to echo the vibrant diversity of its users' storytelling. According to their blog, Instagram wanted the logo to show the life & color of the community that uses it.

Simplicity Helps Bring Brand Recognition

The extreme simplicity of Instagram's new logo actually helps garner brand recognition. Starbucks' logo evolution is the perfect example. Their current logo doesn't even have the word "Starbucks" in it anymore. Users automatically recognize the logo. Now that's the ultimate brand recognition. Instagram's goal is the same — absolute identification.

Change Happens

Change happens whether you ask for it or not. The initial change can be jarring, surprising, unexpected. It's that change that leaves people in an uproar. You know how sometimes you get a haircut & immediately despise it, but after a week you come to love it? It's the same concept. It's the loss of control & the element of surprise that makes most people despise change, according to Harvard Business Review.

Who Cares?

Unless you personally designed the first logo & are offended that Instagram got rid of your work, there's no reason to make a fit about the new logo. It has absolutely no effect on your life (if it does, you may want to rearrange your priorities). If you genuinely despise it so much, delete the app so you don't have to see it anymore. Easy fix.

My Thoughts on the Logo

Upon first eyeing the new logo, I was pretty hesitant. The simplicity of the camera design looked like something you could buy for $5 off a stock icon website. After reading about their decision & watching their brief video, (showing that the color gradient actually pays homage to the colors in their initial logo) I let go of any negative feelings. Plus, I have better things to do than fret over some graphic I have no control over. There you have it.

What are your thoughts on Instagram's new logo? :]

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  1. I didn't have any negative feelings towards it to be honest :) I love the new colours. I just hope they don't change actual feed settings without letting us know :)
    Scalfi♥ http://www.pamscalfi.com">Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Ha! I love your point about who cares! It is a teeny tiny image in our phone and it's just part of life. It's not going to make anyone use the app less, is it? I'm more concerned about them changing the way our feeds are displayed as I like the chronological order and don't like the way it appears on Facebook now, which is the way I read it was going to go. Oh well! We will get used to it whatever happens.

    Inma x

  3. I don't mind the logo or new look of the app, but I'm not loving things not being chronological. I am missing out on some posts :(


  4. I've noticed a difference as well! It's such a bummer.

  5. Changes are already rolling out. However, Instagram said they'll inform us once the changes are implemented for everyone. I've noticed a decrease in engagement!

  6. Instagram said they'll let us know once they change the feed for everyone. However, changes are slowly being rolled out. I've already noticed a decrease in my engagement, unfortunately.

  7. You are right,I agree with you..even though first I didn't like the new logo,but now I have no problem.

    Alexandra ~ Impavid Blog

  8. I totally agree with you it's more about what's in the app than the logo right?
    I personally love Instagram and it gives me a lot of inspiration.
    xx Laurence

  9. My favorite..."Who Cares!" I really don't understand the upset over it. I don't love the new logo but also don't care enough to be up in arms about it. You're completely right, it's brand evolution and a step they feel it necessary to take.

  10. Such great points you made! I preferred the original logo aesthetically, but in the greater scheme of things it's all the same thing;-)

  11. OMG, hahahaha, I love this post! When the logo was changed I was shocked just because I wasn't expecting it but it seemed to be the time for a change since the old one was a bit dated. But maybe it was thanks to all my marketing classes that I understood.
    I think you summed up the need for the change very well, I couldn't have said it better myself. I love the logo.

    xo, XOIIEE | Life in Style

  12. I like the new logo, although I always over look it when going through my phone hahah

  13. I agree! Every brand evolves. They change as they grow, and with the new logo they're trying to transmit just that. Instagram has grown so much over the past few years, it's crazy! People change, we get haircuts, we dye our hair, we set new goals...well, so do brands. That doesn't mean we'll stop loving them.


  14. Great Post! It's great to hear someone backing up their opinion with reason!


  15. I love the new logo too! I love the whole new look of the app actually. it's so much cleaner and fresh looking.
    I don't get why everyone had a meltdown over it. To be honest it was well overdue!
    x tink Jayne lifestyle x

  16. I completely agree! I'm loving the new overhaul of the app design in general, it was well overdue a good update wasn't it! X


  17. Great post! It's funny because there was a lot of disappointment with the changes that Instagram made but I didn't think it was so bad. Thanks for sharing!

    The Modern Alice

  18. Love this post and your honesty. I didn't really mind the logo change at all! xoxo, Christine

  19. Great post and I don't mind the change of logo because they have a great reason to change it. As an avid instagram user, I must support their decision ♡


  20. Same. Your opinion changes over time. :]

  21. Exactly! The logo is the least of our worries. :]

  22. I like your thought process. Even if you don't like the logo, it doesn't really matter longterm. :]

  23. Interesting. I prefer the new logo because the old one was so heavy looking. :]

  24. It was definitely a shock. People have quieted down over the last couple weeks as they get used to it. :]

  25. Me too! Well, now I just look for the rainbow with a camera when browsing for Instagram. :]

  26. This is Instagram's new face. Like you said, they've frown so much over the years. We just have to move on. :]

  27. Why thank you. What do you think of the logo? :]

  28. Very fresh looking. The whole format needed an upgrade. :]

  29. Everyone has their opinion & their reason, so not everyone will like the logo/update. Oh well. :]

  30. I understand! Even if one doesn't like the logo, how many would actually stop using Instagram because of it? Not many. :]

  31. personally I like the old one. :)


  32. I respect that. It definitely has memories! :]

  33. People went bonkers over it didn't they! And the algorithm too..... change is a good thing, it keeps us all on our toes.

    Denton & Lou

  34. Not feeling it, but don't really care enough about to wallow in it :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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