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5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ♥

Aloha & happy Friday everyone! This week was a bit different than usual because Fred went on a solo mini road trip to San Luis Obispo. He left on Tuesday & will be back Saturday, so we can attend the San Diego Beer & Music Festival. He's been sending me some snaps from his hikes overlooking the ocean or browsing Bubblegum Alley. Anyhoo, here are five things I'm loving right now.

supergirl pro

Supergirl Pro

Managing social media for hotels is a part of my daily life, so I enjoyed the opportunity to attend the Supergirl Pro event in Oceanside, California. Although it was an exceedingly hot day, the ocean breeze & free mini açaí bowl helped tremendously.



Last weekend, Fred & I spent an afternoon exploring museums at Balboa Park. We found ourselves at the San Diego Museum of Man & this exhibit was such a blast to walk through. I especially loved looking at the ancient growlers — a prehistoric beer jug.

home spa day, california lifestyle blogger
Mask: Derma E // Dress: Cotton On (similar)

Home Spa Day

An at home spa day is the ideal way to unwind. That may include anything from clipping & filing your nails, giving yourself a pedicure, putting on a mask, or whatever your heart desires. My home spa days almost always include a soothing face mask.



Isn't nature magnificent? Sometimes all you can really do is sit back & witness its glory without question. 



A snack subscription box is totally cool, right? Because I'm really digging MunchPak right now. They give you little munchies & snacks from all over the world. This box had snacks from India, Turkey, Mexico,  & more.

What are you loving right now? :]

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  1. I love taking pics of flowers, the sky, the clouds haha nature is just SO instagrammable :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I love at home spa days! Every Thursday, I have the house to myself so it's a combination of face mask, manicure, hair mask, and eyebrow plucking. So fun!

    Happy Friday!

    Dara || www.peoniesandhoneybees.com

  3. Ou, that sounds like a fun festival! I'm sure you two will have a great time! And I love home spa days, they're so relaxing! I just noticed, in your Munchpak, the Covered Bridge chips? They're made not far from me! They did a really funny mixed bag called Storm Chips (regular, barbeque, ketchup, and sour cream and onion, I think?) because before winter storms a lot of people head to the grocery store to get a bag of chips, haha :) It's nice seeing them make their way around the world!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  4. So nice. We share the same home spa day habits. Enjoy the festival! :)

  5. I love home spa days. They are the best to unwind after a busy week.


  6. Home spa days, nature and snacks I'm with you. Once a week for sure any of this. Wishing you wonderful weekend!!


  7. Love this! I'm SO down for home spa days. Hahah! A good face mask and an evening in are my favorite things! xoxo, emily


  8. nice! that home spa sounds wonderful!


  9. It's all about the little things they say... You get it babe, love the post and love a great beer too!

    Love from London,


  10. Also a fan of a nice home spa day and being around nature always makes me extra happy!
    Pretty photos!


  11. I have to admit I'm a bit of a face mask whore and have loads of them plus use them at least four times a week.

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

  12. My coworker told me about that event in Oceanside. I didn't even know it was happening. And as for nature, I'd have to politely disagree. I try to stay away from it as much as possible.. Although, I just did a photo shoot at La Jolla Cove and it was magnificent lol


  13. I need to do a home spa day! I was hoping to get some me time yesterday, but the day was full with cleaning, organizing, and running errands. Not a lot of fun...

    Hope you had fun at the beer & music festival!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  14. So many things to love right? great post doll!

    Take care! Kisses,

  15. Munchpak was basically made for me. During my internship this summer, I had a small pile of snacks hoarded in my drawers :P

    Beauty V. Brains | fashion and beauty for smart girls who like stuff

  16. Right?! Instagrammable moments are the best. :]

  17. Home spa days are so relaxing. How could I forget eyebrow plucking?! :]

  18. What a small world. The Storm chips sound like an interesting mix. :]

  19. I wish I could commit more time to those spa moments. :]

  20. Really?!?! Wow. Do you have a favorite? I should use them more. :]

  21. I didn't know until pretty last minute, but it was fun (& super sunny). La Jolla is all types of gorgeous for photo shoots. :]

  22. I adore MunchPak but finish it so quickly!!! Snack squad. :]

  23. Aloha! I do love an acai bowl! So delish! I used to make them at home, but its fun to out for one every now and again, they make such good ones at my fave local cafe. I need to do a mask, I am going to do it now! Good idea.

    xx Jenelle

  24. Love all the photos that you include in that post!Also you remind me how bad i need a spa day at home!Other than that i really love my time out of work at the moment,it's been 4 years since the last time that i had time for myself haha
    Have an amazing rest of summer ^_^

    xx Aphrodite ~ BubblyBeauty


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