Like dust disappearing in the wind, another month has come & gone. June was filled with exploring bits of San Diego, attending webinars, as well as delightful fair food & fun. All you have to do is read my June from A to Z!

Alias - I always have a show to binge watch. Most recently it was The X-Files, then Gilmore Girls, then Breaking Bad, & now it's Alias. Created by J.J. Abrams, the mastermind behind Lost, this spy drama with a kick-ass female lead has me biting my nails with every cliff hanger.

Bullet Journal - I'm barely getting into the bullet journal trend & have much to learn. Right now mine is basically a messy to do list. I have much to learn.

Candles - Carmen the candle fiend got more candles?! Why yes, it's true. Four new ones!

donut peach

Donut Peach - Because doughnut peaches are healthier for you than donuts. How cute are these?

Excitement - There is much to be grateful for & excited for. Take a moment to identify with that is. I'm excited for the future & where I'll be a month from now!

Flowers - Spring is over, but I wouldn't know it. I've been buying flowers like nobody's business.


Goats - Goats are cute, yo. Such an underrated animal. I went to the San Diego County Fair & gushed over the cuteness of the goats.

How I Met Your Mother - I've watched this show several times through. I just finished the entire series once again & still hate the finale. Ugh! 

Imagination - Keep your mind open & your imagination active.

Jewelry - I found the most perfect little choker necklace. It's simple & classy. I already know it's going to be a well worn favorite.

karma's a beach

Karma's a Beach - We got this shirt on sale after Christmas. I loved the design & couldn't pass it up. Fred wears it all the time. He claims he doesn't like the graphic & only wears it because it's a perfect fit.

Lavender - I love lavender. Enough said.

Macarons - Fred surprised me with a couple of macarons: one was Earl Grey & the other was coconut  two of my favorite flavors. They were incredible.

No - Don't forget the value of saying no. I rejected several offers for partnership, sponsored posts, & collaborations simply because it didn't wholly fit my blog or brand. Don't be afraid to say no. You don't need to accept everything that comes your way.

Outfits - I've been taking outfit photos more often to have regular outfit of the day posts. Yay!

purple basil

Purple Basil - I've had regular basil & Thai basil, which can occasionally be purple, but this purple basil was something else. It's beautiful.

Roosters - Although they're not the friendliest creatures, roosters are quite pretty. 

Stationary - I love opening up new stationary. My pen hovers over the first page, never quite sure where to begin.

Tommy Hilfiger - I got the most perfect pair of platform wedge sandals for summer. The only thing missing is a pedicure.

california lifestyle blogger

University - I graduated from university just over four years ago. I can't even believe it's been that long & I often wonder where the time went, if I'm where I thought I'd be at this point.

Veins - Well, it's summer. That means we're bound for hot hot heat & bulging veins. If you didn't know, your veins pop out in the heat in an effort to cool your body off.

Work Views - If you're going to be working you might as well have a good view. I've been traveling more for my social media work & got to frequent some beach side cities like a San Clemente & Coronado.

How was your June? :]

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