Social media is constantly evolving. With big-name influencers popping up every second & bloggers collaborating with huge brands, how can you get noticed? Whether you're a rookie blogger or a seasoned influencer, using strategic & authentic social brand mentions can give you the edge you need to move forward.

What is a social brand mention?

A social brand mention is the act of mentioning a brand or product on social media, be it Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat. It can be anything from a quick shoutout on Twitter to a lengthy YouTube video.

Here I checked into the location & mentioned the brand in my caption. They liked & commented on the photo.

Why should I mention brands?

There are several reasons why you should actively & regularly mention brands throughout your social media & blog. The biggest reason is its benefit to YOU!

Here I tagged brands within my update. Tagging a brand can help to expand your reach.

Expand Your Reach

When you mention a brand, tag them in a post, talk about a product, there's always the chance that the brand will engage back with you. They may like your post, repost it, share it, create a dialogue with you, or reach out to you for further opportunities. That's a good thing!

Here I showed authentic excitement for a brand. They tweeted back, liked the tweet, retweeted it, & followed me.

Show Your Authenticity

Specifically call out the products & brands you're using so your followers can get a feel of your true & authentic self. Your readers want to know what you're genuinely buying & enjoying. Show them!

Here I posted a photo & tagged the brand. It gave me fresh blog & Instagram content.

Create Original Content

When you call out brands, you're creating original content for yourself. Integrating those social mentions can give you more to talk about, write about, & share. If you're struggling to come up with content, it may be as simple as talking about that deodorant you're really loving or that new coffee shop you visited twice this week.

Here I talked about a product I enjoyed. Someone tweeted back that they wanted to try the product.

Be An Influencer

Establish yourself as an influencer by building authentic social relationships with brands & readers. Brands are always hunting for relevant influencers, & your online activity can be a huge part of someone else's offline & online decision making.

Here I mentioned a product I'm loving, which gave me extra content. The brand liked the photo.

Work with Brands

At the very end of the authentic social brand mention chain is the potential to work with brands. Sometimes the brand will retweet you or share your mention or blog post, which can expand your reach. Sometimes the brand will email you to say thanks. Sometimes the brand takes note, keeping you on their radar for future possibilities. Sometimes the brand reaches out to send free product. Sometimes, just sometimes, they want to work with you for a paid post or campaign. Hell yes!

I reviewed a product on my blog in 2016. The brand reached out August 2017 to ask if I wanted free product.

How can I create an effective social brand mention?

Say you go out to dinner with your boyfriend. You really enjoyed yourself, so you tweet a photo of your meal & mention the restaurant. That's an effective & authentic social brand mention. Take a look at my formula for brand mentions. You don't have to do all five steps, but I recommend integrating at least three.

This contains the four steps needed to create an effective & authentic social brand mention.
 Here's my usual formula for a brand mention:
1. Tag or mention the brand
2. Include a photo
3. Write a brief caption
4. Use two or three related hashtags
BONUS STEP 5. Send a quick email to the brand giving them a brief compliment & sharing the link to your brand mention.

Creating authentic social brand mentions can give you the edge you need to move forward in your career, especially since it can expand your reach, give you the opportunity to discover new content, allow your readers to get to know you, & show your worth as an influencer.

What do you think of social brand mentions? How have you created an effective brand mention? Please share! :]

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