Kicking it at San Diego Beer & Music Festival

I peer through a sea of people lining up to get a taster of beer on a balmy summer evening. The sun hides behind a freckle of clouds, but its warmth remains present. I feel the unc, unc, unc of sound beneath my feet as music blasts through the speakers. An airplane loudly rumbles & passes by overhead. The pleasant scent of barbecue & curry wafts over from the various food trucks. I hold a small plastic cup of beer in my left hand as I carefully take a photo with my camera. This is the San Diego Beer & Music Festival*.

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Fred & I arrived to early to find parking for the 6 p.m. VIP admission to San Diego Beer & Music Festival, hosted at Liberty Station in San Diego. We circled the lot for a couple of minutes & found a spot relatively easily. We walked around aimlessly for a few minutes, not really knowing where we were supposed to go. Eventually we found our way & took out our tickets to get scanned. They stamped our wrists & off we went into the abyss of beer & music.

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Upon entering the venue they gave us a small plastic cup & little postcard filled with information. We immediately made our way to one of the beer booths. Lines were short — like a minute or less. We enjoyed a few tasters & stopped to enjoy some of the live music before the VIP hour ended.

two hearted ale

General Admission

Once 7 o'clock came around, general admission made their way to the festival. The lines were considerably longer, around 5 to 7 minutes, but not annoyingly long. I had splashes of beer, basically just a sip or two, rather than the full 4 ounce taster. People got full tasters, half, or splashes — whatever their heart desired.

curry fries


There were several food trucks to choose from. After browsing the options in search of vegetarian choices, we opted for some curry fries. They were extraordinarily flavorful & unexpectedly magnificent. We couldn't even finish the entire thing.

san diego beer


As with any event, the bathrooms got dirtier as time wore on & more people used the facilities. There were little soap & water stations to clean up afterwards. Bathrooms were approachable & not nearly as horrific as some of the stuff I saw at Coachella 2015.

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Located at Ingram Plaza, an outdoor venue at the heart of Liberty Station, San Diego Beer & Music Fest had more than enough room to house all guests, unlike this event. I liked the grassy, breezy, & open location in such a cool part of San Diego.

hawthorne heights


Music pulsed through the air during the entire festival. One stage hosted live bands while the other housed a DJ. There was music nearby, no matter where you found yourself. Hawthorne Heights, the guest of honor, played later in the evening to a packed crowd.

royal jamaican


When an event touts "unlimited samples of over 100 craft beers"  & "pretzel necklaces are allowed" it's hard not to get it excited. There were so many beers to try such as local favorites like Latitude 33, Belching Beaver, & Ballast Point. I had the opportunity to try other fantastic options like Alaskan Brewing Co., Bell's Brewing, & Royal Jamaican.


Craft beer & live music. It's hard to find a better combination than that. I sipped on beers from all over the United States while dancing to some good jams. I ate some unbelievable fries that I probably would've never had otherwise. I briefly explored Liberty Station, a place I hadn't been before & want to visit again. So yeah, I'd say San Diego Beer & Music Festival was a hit.

What do you think of San Diego Beer & Music Festival? :]

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  1. i like your way of writing! x

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    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Looks like so much fun! And those fries look amazing.. <3

    Enclothed Cognition

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  9. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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  12. Must have been a great day.

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  13. This sounds like such an amazing festival!! Drinking beer and listening to music sounds like the perfect weekend activity!

  14. They were! I wish we finished them. :]

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