I have this thing with color. Fred & I are currently on the hunt for an apartment, so we've been eyeing furniture & interior design options. I was looking at color swatches & found myself feeling incredibly inspired by how certain colors went together so harmoniously. Due to my newfound feeling of genius, I'm starting a series of photos & their respective color swatches.

Flowering Succulent

Blue Skies

How do I do it? I find photos from my collection that I'm drawn to. I then use the Eyedropper Tool in Photoshop to define particular colors throughout the photograph. Creating these little color swatches gives me so much joy. It's hard to articulate or identify why I get a kick out of this process. 

Strawberry Cake

The Tower

I posted a couple swatches to my Facebook to test the waters. One of my friends said she loved the neutrality of the tower. Another said he liked the soothing tones of the flowering succulent. I'd love for you to let me know which photo is your favorite & which color palette is your favorite. Are they both from the same set or are they different? :]

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