Periods are such mystical creatures. I still haven't gotten the full grasp of mine even though I've had my period for 14 (!!!!) years. Although my period varies from month to month, my question remains the same: how can I have a better period? After all these years, I've come up with a pretty solid routine for how to have a better period. Here are my survival tips!

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1. Prepare for what's to come

Y'all know your period is coming. It comes every month, time & time again. Be prepared for it! Stock up on food, snacks, drinks, pain relievers, & obviously, period supplies! My go-to period munchies are: dark chocolate, La Croix, & Cheerios. If you're cramping up, there's always ibuprofen, heating pads, or good ol' fashioned exercise.



2. Use products that work for you

Ding ding ding! This one is essential! Feel comfortable & confident in the products you use. Veeda* has a range of tampons, pads, & liners made from 100% natural cotton. Everything is hypoallergenic & toxin-free. The Veeda Tampons* with plastic applicator work insanely well for me. They're reliable & something I can count on, a necessity for something as fluid as a period.

3. Netflix

Girl, your body is an enigma of emotions & hormones. There's some pretty cool stuff going on inside your body right now & you need Netflix. Netflix is a must have when you're on your period. No matter how you're feeling emotionally, there's a show, movie, or a documentary to help you out!

4. Consult with friends

Fred is a sweetheart & I love him to death, but he knows nothing about periods. Literally nothing, except for the definition. If I have any comments, questions, concerns, or if I simply want to rant, that's what girlfriends are for. Girlfriends have first-hand period experience to always make you feel a bit better.

5. Avoid the scale

I've made this mistake before & I don't recommend it. Your body is going through some changes right now, what with the sloughing of your uterine lining & all. Do not go on the scale. It's a lie. Do not trust it when you're on your period. Just avoid it.

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6. Self-care

It's perfectly okay to take a moment for yourself & spend some time relaxing. You deserve some rest! Enjoy an afternoon nap, paint your nails, do a face mask, binge watch your favorite show, call a friend, try a new recipe. Just do you!

What are your period must haves? Have you ever tried cotton tampons like Veeda's? :]

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