Hooray! I'm going on vacation to Portland, Oregon! I firmly believe in the importance of taking a break from your daily stresses, from work, & from your general routine. Mix it up & live a little! That's what I'm telling myself at least.

Will tasks pile up? Probably. Will emails start to add up? Definitely. Will the joy of going on vacation overpower any possible negative? YES.

Fred & I are heading to Portland mid-November. We booked our flights & made some accommodation reservations & now we're just  planning out the rest. We looked into renting a car but after consulting with my cousin who lived in Portland, he recommended taking public transportation because it was just as effective & more cost efficient.

I'm particularly excited because Portland gets wet & rainy, especially in November, which is said to be their second most rainy month of the entire year. That in mind, I definitely have some strategic packing to do seeing as rain is an extreme rarity here in San Diego. I'm not used to cold temperatures as a San Diego blogger! Well, back to packing & planning!

Do you have any recommendations on what to do, see, eat, drink, experience in Portland? :]