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You are Magic || A poem

Love can last a lifetime.
Love can hurt a lifetime.
Love is love,
& that is that.
Love can open your heart
or crush your soul;
it depends on who you love.
There are many ways to love,
just as many as there are people.
We spend our days searching,
yearning for that missing piece.
Sometimes you complete the puzzle
but end up losing more.
But try & try & try again,
because one day it's worth it.
One day it's worth the pain,
& all the trouble,
those late nights alone.
One day your heart will feel whole
because you never ever knew
this feeling
this love
this complex system
ever existed.
Love is just like magic.
Some always believed in it,
but some needed to experience it
before they truly understood.
I never knew love until I knew you.
You are magic.

Poem by Carmen Varner

What does love mean to you? What was your first experience being in love like? :]

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  1. Love is sweet and beautiful and the experience if with the right person is out of this world... My first experience with love was great and still great with the one I have.

    I am happy because in the love game, I have been fortunate enough with good guys, only that somethings just take them away which I still find it hard to understand, like going for further studies abroad or not ready to settle down yet.

    In love with this poem.

  2. how beautiful and touching! I fell in love with a boy 3 years ago and in less than 6 months we will be getting married. My first real boyfriend, first love and one I know will last forever :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Beautiful post dear! Love your blog!



  4. Beautiful little poem :)
    My first love experience was painful because it always felt a bit one-sided. But having the comfort of a love that can last is a completely different feeling.
    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  5. Looks great!



  6. Adore this - a beautiful poem!

    To me, love begins when we truly love ourselves. I did a facebook live video on this a while ago - we can both be working on ourselves and truly love/have pride in where we are, both at the same time! Falling in love with ourselves is where I feel we can start having an open heart to have another join us across this crazy, beautiful life.

    Thanks for sharing!
    XO, Jessica

  7. This is so sweet! It definitely describes love to a T. My first experience could be described as... Walking on clouds. :-)


  8. What a beautiful poem! Love is the most powerful emotion and force in your life. My first experience with love was painful but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    xo, Jackie

  9. This is so beautiful, I love reading poems and this one is great!

  10. Love means for me especially in trusting this person and feel comfortable together! Wonderful poem!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. Wow...I am really impressed. Beautiful! Xo, Elsa

  12. What a beautiful poem! I miss writing them and this one is just so well put together <3


  13. Wow what a beautiful poem! So well written :)

    Love from Berlin,

    Charlotte Luisa |

  14. great post

  15. That's wonderful to her, Brenda. Some things do take time. :]

  16. It happens. It's always good to learn from the experience, even when it hurts. :]

  17. Absolutely. I believe that's exactly when I found true love, it had to come from within, or else I simply attracted the wrong type of person. :]

  18. That's great, Jackie. Sometimes you just have to learn & move forward. :]

  19. Absolutely! Trust is everything. :]

  20. What a beautiful poem!! Love is beautiful, the best thing that can happen to you! I wish everyone can experience true love!! Xx Susanne -


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