We're back at it again with another round of Vocabulary Time!, your favorite way to expand your knowledge. I apologize for the delay in continuing the series, but we're here now & that's what matters. Whether English is your mother tongue or not, you can always learn new words. If you want to catch up on past Vocabulary Time! posts, check these out:

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1. Dulcinea

  • adjective ▲ dul·ci·nea ▲ duhl-sin-ee-uh
  • Definition: a ladylove; a sweetheart
  • Example: My dulcinea & I have been together for three years. We plan to be married.

2. Cunctator

  • noun ▲ cunc·ta·tor ▲ kuhngk-tey-ter
  • Definition: a procrastinator; a delayer; a postponer
  • Example: Maribel was a known cunctator when it came to completing her homework. 
3. Natter
  • verb ▲ nat·ter ▲ nat-er
  • Definition: chatter; a casual conversation; to talk about unimportant things for a long time
  • Example: I went on a blind date & the guy nattered on about himself the entire time.

If you want to learn more about the words or hear the actual pronunciation, simply click on the corresponding link for each vocab word. It will take you directly to the dictionary page. I recommend going to the webpage & listening to the pronunciation. It makes a difference!

Did you know any of these words? Feel free to challenge yourself today & write a sentence using one of the vocab words. You get extra credit if you use two or more in your comment. :]

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