Portland in the fall is a beautiful sight. You'll see bold & bright trees of orange, yellow, & red. You'll spot a blanket of rainbow-colored leaves on the ground, perfect for taking a selfie or Instagram shot. You'll find yourself walking in mist of rain, struggling to stay dry. On average, it rains 150 days each year in Portland, Oregon. Make sure you're prepared for your fall trip! Good places to see fall color are the Portland Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Hoyt Arboretum. There are plenty of places in the city to see fall foliage. October, November are good times for visitors to come. Explore the colorful city with its seasonal bounty. Go on wine tastings or on hikes nearby. There is a lot to do.

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Should I Bring an Umbrella to Portland?

Although umbrellas weren't very plentiful, I did spot some people with them. You'll see online claims that using an umbrella in Portland, Oregon is the sign of the tourist, but I saw an equal amount of umbrellas from tourists & locals. It's more accurate to say that people who walk more tend to use umbrellas rather than those to have a car.

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Where is the Best Place to Find Fall Colors & Foliage?

Portland in the fall is ideal for a leaf peeping! The colors are incredible. You can find some gorgeous fall foliage by simply walking the streets, especially some of the more residential areas. Washington ParkLan Su Chinese Garden, & Portland Japanese Garden were especially stunning because they're so dense with nature. You can find fun fall activities like pumpkin picking, exploring a haunted corn maze, scenic hikes, and more. Drink local cider or craft beer.

Portland, Oregon has loads of parks. Mill Ends Park, Eastbank Esplanade, Gateway Green, Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Irving Park, Peninsula Park, Woodlawn Park, and literally so many more.

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What to Pack for Fall in Portland, Oregon

No trip to the Pacific northwest is complete without at least a little bit of rain, so be prepared with your fall layers such as beanies, scarves, coats, & layers of all kinds. In addition to your regular travel essentials, make sure to pack:

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Comfortable/Waterproof Shoes

Make absolutely certain that your shoes are comfortable. You'll likely be walking 5+ miles per day. Your shoes get wet once it starts to rain & you find yourself stepping in puddles to make it across the street. In an ideal world your shoes should be comfortable & relatively waterproof, so your toes aren't soggy for hours at a time.

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Rain coat

Bring a raincoat or something that won't make you wet. Chances are that you'll walk in the rain at some point & you don't want to be sopping wet. This is the type of layer you can take off & set on the back of your chair to dry when you head inside to eat.

Jacket with a Hoodie or Hat/Beanie

Unless you want frizzy & poofy hair, bring a hat, beanie, or rain coat with a hood to keep your hair dry during the wet times.

Other Layers 

Stay warm with scarves, leggings, & whatever warm layers work best for you. Fall in Portland is cold but not freezing. The rain & wind are contributing factors to the temperature.

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Check the Calendar of Events

As the temperatures start to drop, Portland's calendar fills with cultural, wine, & holiday events. Do a bit of online research to see what kind of events are happening during your stay. Whether it's Oktoberfest, a harvest festival, or even a Portland Trail Blazers game, you'll find plenty to do.

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