Despite the hubbub that the holidays bring, December was a pretty good blogging month for me. I thought my page views would go down because December is a time for a gift shopping (consult Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 Practically Everyone) spending time with loved ones, & celebrating the holidays & new year. It's a busy time for most people, including my readers. However, compared to November, I increased my page views by 28% even though I posted 30% less. Here's how I did it: I started posting less & promoting more.

Post Less, Promote More 

Whether it's taking photos, curating a collage, writing a post, editing photos or text, finalizing campaign details with brands, or brainstorming ideas, creating blog posts is time-consuming. In case you're wondering, I take photos on my iPhone & Sony a6000Rather than post three times per week, I averaged two posts per week in December. With the time I saved from not working on a post, I had the opportunity to promote my posts more.

How I Increased My Page Views by 28% By Posting 30% Less

1. Share Posts to Communities

I started off engaging more in Facebook & Google groups (liking & commenting on updates), then began sharing my own posts. My posts received exposure & direct link clicks, giving my blog more page views. Tip: Make sure you post relevant, engaging posts not just willy nilly promotional.

2. Schedule Regular Tweets Promoting Old & New Posts

I scheduled 3-4 tweets per blog post to go out over the course of the month. I did this with both new posts & previous posts. Scheduling these tweets throughout the month at various times of the day helped me get page views as well as more Twitter followers & engagement.

3. Focus on Quality

Rather than posting more, I was able to focus on the quality of the post. I started using my Sony a6000 & editing in Photoshop. I asked myself: Is it something my readers can find value in? Are the photos clear & captivating? Is the content interesting? Am I posting just to post or because I have something to say that can benefit others?

4. Optimize Older But Relevant Posts

I didn't post as much, but I did edit & update my old ones. Instead of creating new Christmas wish lists or seasonal trend posts, I utilized ones I already had. I received more organic search traffic from Google by optimizing old posts (updating the content, making sure old links still worked, resizing photos, etc.) 

The amount of time spent tweaking & promoting older posts was approximately equal to the amount of time it would've taken to create a post from start to finish. I spent my time optimizing posts in order to create increased page views, engagement, & sponsored posts, a method I will keep in mind in the future.

Was this helpful to you? How do you increase your page views?