Looking to grow your blog views this year? That's a wonderful goal to have! First things first, check out my post about how I increased my page views by posting less. I included details on just how I did it. The question I asked myself was: which posts are performing well & why?

The results are in, so I'm hear to chat about my top five performing posts from 2016. The interesting thing is that most of the posts (4 out of 5) weren't published in 2016. They were posted in previous years but due to want some circumstance or another, they were able to gain traction, views, & engagement. Let's get to it!

tie dye shirt

This post receives daily organic traffic from Pinterest. This is my most pinned pin & I have daily notifications thanks to this post. I also get organic traffic from Google when people search for DIY bleach tutorials. This was my number one most viewed post of 2016.

Where Views Came From: Pinterest & Google
Why It Performed: It provides value to readers with simple yet effective directions on how to do a DIY bleached shirt.

cold brew iced coffee

This was a sponsored ad campaign with StoK cold brew coffee & it was chosen to be boosted on Facebook. I don't know what their budget was, but I received a huge spike of direct page views. The Facebook ad campaign was enough to put this post at number two.

Where Views Came From: Facebook
Why It Performed: It was promoted on Facebook & provides value to bloggers or those looking to be self-employed.

bath & body works wallflower

Bath & Body Works Wallflower Review

The third most popular post of 2016 was my review of Bath & Body Works Wallflowers, which is essential a scent plug in. I simply talked about the product & my opinion about it. I included large & clear photos of the product. I get organic traffic every single day thanks to Bath & Body Works lovers looking up Wallflower reviews.

Where Views Came From: Google
Why It Performed: It offers an honest & detailed review of a popular item.

My Experience at Comedy Central's @Midnight Taping

I went to a comedy show taping in Los Angeles with my boyfriend a couple years back & had no idea how it would shape my blog. This post gets organic traffic from Google searches from people wanting to know more about the show, its taping process, & if the jokes are scripted. Read the post to find out!

Where Views Came From: Google
Why It Performed: Provides value & insight to a niche audience.

diy lip gloss

How to Make Any Color Lip Gloss

This post already had a fair share of views, but I commented on a Facebook video about a store that made custom lipsticks — the video was everywhere. I simply commented that the brand & concept sounded awesome, but since they came at $100 per lipstick, I linked to my cheaper DIY alternative for anyone interested. It was a subtle self-promotion.  It received several thousand direct link clicks.

Where Views Came From: Google
Why It Performed: Provide value to a niche audience.

Whether it's a cheaper alternative to expensive makeup trends or a detailed review on a popular product, the number one reason why these performed well is because they talk about something people are interested in. These posts provided value to the reader, & will continue to provide value as long as they're still relevant. Hope you found this insightful. Remember to keep this in mind when you post: what is the reader getting out of this post? How is this beneficial, helpful, interesting for them? :]

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