"How can I make money blogging?" That's the question I kept asking myself. Over the last few months I finally started earning an income as a  blogger & digital influencer. Nope, it's not enough to quit my social media coordinator position, but it's enough to help pay the bills, buy plane tickets to Paris, save money, & truly enjoy life.

You might be wondering how you can make money from blogging, so here's my January 2017 Blogging Income Report. This is my first income report, but I earned over $800 in December 2016.

More income reports:


Linqia Sponsored Posts - $140
Social Native Sponsored Posts - $70
Miscellaneous Sponsored Posts - $175
Reimbursements - $43
Blog Sponsors - $10
Consulting/Coaching - $25
ShopStyle Collective - $15.43
Total - $478.43


Product Purchases - $24.50
PayPal Fees - $1.75
Total - $26.25


Net Total - $452.18

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Note: I base my income report on earnings that were deposited into my bank account during that month. I did several projects in January that have yet to be paid out, therefore I will take that into account for my February Income Report. 

The only exception to this rule is the $15.43 from ShopStyle Collective. I only get paid once I make the $100 threshold but thought it'd be misleading to post that I earned $100 from ShopStyle when in fact that was many, many months in the making.

Most of my blog earnings were from sponsored blog posts & sponsored social media posts. I'm working on growing my following & engagement, so it's nice to be rewarded by getting paid opportunities. I worked with brands like Truvia & Lays. I even was a part of the promotional team for a new show on FX called Taboo.

Do you want to start making your first dollars as a blogger? I can help! I'm a social media professional & a blogger with over 3 years of experience. I offer consulting & coaching for bloggers & influencers who want to step up their game, grow their brand, & starting making some money. Please contact me for price quotes or if you have questions.

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