I remember sitting on a bench in Paris in 2010, writing a poem about how I desperately wanted to be there with a lover, someone whom I shared my heart with. I always dreamt of traveling the world with a significant other. I pictured holding hands as we explored the city, kissing under the Eiffel Tower, breaking off that first piece of baguette as we washed it down with a glass of red wine.


Traveling with a significant other is a completely different experience compared to traveling with family or friends or solo. 

Chilling with a cat in San Luis Obispo

I've traveled alone. I'll never forget my three-week road trip throughout California, sleeping on friends couches, getting rides whenever I could, doing whatever the hell I wanted whenever I wanted to. I remember waking up on the couch, hoping to see a text from the guy I liked. No such luck. I navigated to the kitchen to try out my friend's roommate's homemade bread. I did some blog work in their San Luis Obispo backyard. I jumped on the trampoline. I walked to downtown San Luis Obispo. After a few days on the lumpy couch, I moved on to my next city.

Me & my sister at an Airbnb in Brussels, Belgium

I've traveled with family. Together we went up the Swiss Alps. I fainted. I opened my eyes & saw my mom's worried face; my family gathered around to help me up off the ground. I remember sampling gouda cheese in Gouda, Netherlands with my sister. We tasted fennel gouda, coconut gouda, pesto gouda, until we couldn't gouda any longer. My dad & I road tripped Route 66, back when there was still smoking & non-smoking sections in the diner.

Me & my college roommate on the Space Needle

I've traveled with friends. One spring break, four of us drove up to San Francisco, then Portland, making our way up to Seattle, Washington. It started pouring rain as we were walking the city. We heard a man's voice inviting us into his tea room. We obliged, warming ourselves with every sip of tea we took. I bought the rose petal tea. We had a fancy dinner on top of the Space Needle. I felt so cool in my dress & heels & my $25 spaghetti or whatever it was.

Fred & I at Sacre Coeur in Paris, France

I've traveled with a significant other. Fred & I have been together for five years now, but it was only in the last couple years that we began dedicating more time to travel. It started by taking smaller trips throughout our area of Southern California: Del Mar, Los Angeles, San Clemente, San Diego. Then found a cheap flight to Portland, Oregon & booked our first flight together.

The rest is history. We drove to Yuma, Arizona on a whim one weekend. We went to Paris, France in the springtime. I'll never forget how it poured rain as we walked up the steps of the Notre Dame. We stared out at the cool, grey fog-ridden city.

I'm delighted to travel with someone I can hold hands with, kiss, embrace, & cuddle up with that night. Someone to take photos with, split the cost with, share memories with, eat an eclair with, reminisce with, get lost with.

It's different than traveling alone, doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to on a couch in San Luis Obispo. It's different than traveling with family, bickering, laughing, bonding, having long-winded, emotional family discussions over bread & grapes in Amsterdam's Vondelpark. It's different than laughing until you cry with your roommate in a grungy hotel room on your way to Portland.

eiffel tower

eiffel tower at night

moulin rouge

I want to see the world & I want him to have the chance to see it too. I like the challenges that traveling with a loved one creates. You're out of your comfort zone. You get lost. You have to speak broken French in order to find the restroom. You don't know where you are. You don't know the language, but you work together to conquer it.

Do you enjoy traveling with the significant other? Where did you go & how was it? :]

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