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I'm Quitting My Corporate Job to Pursue My Dream

This is a hard decision. This is a questionable decision. This is an exciting decision. You never know if you're going to be successful, but that's part of taking the leap. None of my best moments in life were easy moments. None of them.

It's been running across my mind for a while now but I decided I'm going to do it. I'm quitting my job to pursue my dream. I want to dedicate myself to my blog, to my coaching, to my freelancing, & most of all I need to dedicate some time to myself.

I feel like my life is passing by so quickly & I'm not living it. Days go by. Weeks go by. Months go by. And years ago by. The time goes by without too much to show for it. Am I really living or just going through the motions? My life feels robotic.

Wake up to the sound of my screeching alarm. Put on work clothes. Drive to work. Work, work, work, work, work. Drive home. Take off work clothes. Blog a bit. Make dinner. Relax for a few moments. Go to bed. Set my alarm. Do it all over again.

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Purse: Betsey Johnson (similar) // Jacket: Cuddl Duds (exact) // Dress: Cotton On (similar) // Leggings: Forever 21 // Boots: H&M
I live for weekends. I live for each 10-minute break so I can escape outside to work on my blog & business. I walk laps around the parking lot in an effort to inhale some fresh air, if only for a few moments. 

So, I wrote my resignation letter & handed it in today. My mom won't like it one bit. But she's not the one living my life. The naysayers are not the ones I'm trying to please. I'm trying this to please myself, to satisfy myself. I feel a need to explore the world, experience life, & learn more about everything including myself.

I want to write about it all. I want to take photos of it. I want to post about it. I want to share my knowledge. I want to coach people who are looking to do the same. A year from now I want memories, experiences, photos, poems, laughter, friendship, & authentic living.

This won't be easy & I don't have all the logistics figured out, but this is what I'm doing. I'm taking a leap of faith into the unknown & I'm going to work my ass off for it. Thank you for reading & thank you for following along. Things are going to get interesting! I hope you stay tuned.

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How is work for you? What is your dream? How can you achieve it? :]

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I included the link to the items I was wearing in the photo since I got a couple messages asking about them. As always, all opinions are 100% mine aka Carmen's. Learn more about my disclosure. :]


  1. I feel you!!! I have just quit my job! I did quit because I got to the phase of burnout and could not leave like this anymore! So now I am trying to focus on myself to find my true self again!!! I wish All the best! I am sure it was a great decision, plus there are many opportunities out there!! Good luck x

  2. That is such amazing news! CONGRATS! xx


  3. This is so inspiring. One day I hope I can be in your footsteps to pursue my blog fulltime. I hate the mundane as well and my blog is my happy place, a place of therapy and a place to share.

    Alexis|| https://lidsandtricks.com/

  4. This really inspired me to stop worrying about what I 'should' do and focus more on what I want to do. I wish you the best of luck and I really hope you achieve everything you want!! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  5. Congrats and good luck! Dropping your safety net is so scary, but no one grows without making a few changes. Can't wait to read your future posts with some life updates. :)



  6. Best of luck Carmen! It sounds like you're making the right decision even if it is scary.

  7. Follow your dreams and live your life. Love it! Good luck!


  8. Woohoo! Proud of you girl! I hope to do the same one day!

    xx Lara


  9. Congrats on doing what's best for you! and good luck with this new chapter of your life x

    cait / cait rammy

  10. Congratulations!! This was such a lovely post to read and honestly, I'm so happy for you. You go girl. It's so brave of you to take this huge leap but I feel that it's going to work out really well, you seem hard-working and like you have a sense of belief in yourself which is all you need really. I can't wait to hear more about your journey. Exciting times to come.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/

  11. It sounds like you've made a wonderful decision. Very admirable in everyway. I did some thing similar last year as my mental health was suffering. It's never easy but it's a thousand times worth it. Very best of luck and good wishes. Xx

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

  12. Good for you, Carmen!! What an amazingly brave decision, I'm so proud of you! No, your parents may not be happy at first, but they will trust you once you begin to do what you love and they see that you're happy. I'm currently pursuing my dreams even though I'm terrified, and I feel the same way! I can't wait to see how your adventure goes and wish you all the best with this new and exciting chapter in your life xx

    Sending love & light your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  13. Congratulations!!! I definitely want to follow in your footsteps sometime soon.

  14. Congratulations! Good luck for what's to come

  15. Amy Victoria BaldwinMay 27, 2017 at 1:37 PM

    These are the exact words that I feel working a 9-5 in an office! Life is for living and I want to be out doing something for myself in a flexible environment! Congrats for taking a leap of faith and Good luck to you I hope it all works out for you! ☺️

  16. Congrats! I'm sure it will all turn out wonderfully!


  17. I am wishing you best of luck; nothing worth doing is ever easy. I chose to do the same thing with my blog as my anxiety disorder prevented me from working outside of the house.

    - Melissa xx

  18. Congratulations!! Exciting news and I know you'll do great on your own. Your smart, motivated, and determined and that's what you need to rock this next phase of your life.

  19. Hi Carmen, I feel the exact same way that you do and am so proud that you have taken this giant leap of faith and are following your dream. I too am planning to quit my job next year and do the same... I too font have it all figured out as yet.. But I am going to follow my gut instinct and truly start living my life instead of just merely existing in it.
    I wish you all the best and hope and pray that all turns out well for you.
    Please do share your experience and tips with me.. So that I too can learn from your experience at the same time make my own experiences

  20. Congrats on the big decision! I wish you all the best! :)
    Meg from Paris @ www.its.meg-ramsay.com

  21. Congrats and good luck! I'm sure there are many great things that lie ahead for you :)


  22. The Pennies We SavedMay 29, 2017 at 5:37 AM

    that's awesome!

  23. "work work work". I know I'm in that loop. Congratulations for taking the leap and I wish you the very best of luck.
    Mind The Medic

  24. I am so, so excited for you Carmen. I recently went down to a four-day week. Best decision I ever made. Looking forward to following along with your adventures.

    Lis / last year's girl x

  25. I freelanced for three years and I really miss it. I think anyone should give it a go.
    It is super hard work I have to say; but well worth it.
    When I wasn't working I went on lots of holidays and I also would be able to go to the gym in the mornings when I worked from home.
    Good luck!
    Set to Glow

  26. I look forward to following your journey. Best of luck!

  27. We had to comment on this because we LOVE it! Life is just too short and too unpredictable to waste our precious time working at a job that doesn't make your heart burst with joy.
    Ben quite his corporate job over a year ago and we've been chasing our dreams ever since. We're stretched thin, barely getting by financially, and sometimes wonder if we're crazy... But we're HAPPY, and we honestly love our lives and what we're doing. So...GO FOR IT, and create the life you love. We're cheering you on!

    Ben and Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

  28. If you would like to spend a month living on a 32 foot sailboat in New Orleans, have at it. I have one, Wi-Fi at dock & AC. No running water, bathroom at Marina on land.
    Anyway, my dream is to voyage on my boat. I'm currently a hospital RN, and a blend of debt and capital expenses on my boat keeps me tied to the job for the time being.
    I'm curious what path and approach you will take to becoming a digital nomad. Good luck.

  29. I hope one day you can voyage on your boat! Sounds like an enriching experience! As for me, my current path is blogging & coaching & learning, but I anticipate it will change over time. I'm just happy to break away from corporate life.

  30. Love your thoughts, Ben & Susie. We should absolutely do things that make our hearts burst with joy, love that. Sounds like me & my boyfriend - both scraping by but excited how we're living our lives, & there's potential to grow. Have fun out there! :]

  31. Three years! That's amazing! I freelanced only for a year (a few years ago), it's tough. I know I have to make some changes along the way, I'm willing to take a risk to fully enjoy my life. :]

  32. That sounds amazing! Congrats. How are you liking it? :]

  33. Thank you! Now that I work for myself, it's still work work work but at least I LOVE what I'm doing. I hope you get out of the loop & find something that inspires you too. :]

  34. Hi Maria. Thanks so much for your comment! I don't have it all figured out either & I know I'm going to roll with some punches. But you're right about following the gut instinct. That's exactly what I'm doing. What would you like to do? What inspires you?

    I hope you keep reading! :]

  35. Thanks Stine! I am excited for this transition - much happier to say the least. :]

  36. You're so right, Melissa. You are amazing for opening up on your blog. You never know who you may reach or help or touch! :]

  37. It's been crazy busy and a little bit surreal! I'm never entirely sure what day it is anymore, but have been lucky enough to pick up some fun projects already. Hope you're doing well! x

  38. I hope you do too! What would you like to do? What inspires you? :]

  39. Yay, that's amazing. What are your dreams? What are you trying to achieve? I love hearing about others trying to live their best life! Go us! We got this. :]

  40. I hope you are doing well! You're right. It's never easy, but I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you! :]

  41. Thank you for your sweet words, Chloe. That's so kind. I know I can do it, now it's about doing it. Eeeek. How are you? Are you feeling inspired? :]

  42. I hope you do too! What would you like to do ideally? :]

  43. Thank you, Maria! I think so too. :]

  44. So true Bobbi! You can't grow in your comfort zone. :]

  45. Yes! Absolutely. I feel better, happier. I feel like I'm helping others as a coach & blogger rather than shuffling papers in an office. What would you like to do? :]

  46. I feel the same way! Just keep being you, your most authentic self & let your voice shine on your blog. You can do anything you put your mind to! :]

  47. That's amazing! I honestly feel the same way. Finding my true self. How has it been for you so far? Are you enjoying it? :]

  48. Haha same! Best part: Mondays aren't horrible anymore. You feel me? I'm doing so so well. Hope you're living it up as well. :D


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